Monday, June 1, 2009

A Wonderful Morning Till.......

We awoke to a beautiful Monday morning and even though
today is the dreaded start of Hurricane Season, Yikes, I was
in a good mood with a list of things to do!
First off, coffee on the screen porch.................

Get the wash out on the lines...................

Stroll the back and take pictures of the new blooms....
Like the Dinner Plate Hibiscus.........

My Rose Tree has 5 blooms opening...............

Then head to the front for a look..................
This Coral Bougainvillea is stunning !

Yea! The Zinnia's in the St. Francis bed are blooming!

This is a deep Coral Rose in the front rose bed..........

The Cigar Plant has started blooming!

A white Rose of Sharon full of blooms!

The Pink Hydrangea................

A lone Canna blooms..................

On the front porch one little baby left in the nest!
We thought there were 5 but discovered it was 6 !
The other 5 flew yesterday but this one is timid I guess!

I shooed him out and his Mommy who was scolding us both,
took over and away they flew!

I went in to fix up a package for a friend. I decided as the saying
goes, " to kill two birds with one stone". I would take the package
to the UPS Store and then take Sadie and Jake( dog-kids) to the vet.
They need their annual check-up and shots. We are going to board
them this weekend and they have to be current on shots.
BAD MISTAKE!! Here's where my good morning ended!

As I made my way down HWY 49 to the UPS store, A traffic jam!
Having grown up here, I knew a short cut, problem solved. I get
to the store, get out with package and wallet, crack windows and
assure Sadie and Jake, Mommy will be right back!

It took all of 5-8 minutes to mail package! I go back out and to
my horror, Jake has regurgitated all of his big breakfast all over
the back seat of Pearlie May,( my car) and in the front passenger
seat! I was aghast that not one bit was chewed up! I never knew
he ate his food without chewing it! He was standing in my seat
drooling down my window, wet face, chest and front feet foaming
at the mouth!! Of course when I go to move him, it gets on me!

Poor Sadie who was obviously disgusted, had hunkered down
in the back passenger side floor board! She's pregnant you know,
which means a weak stomach!

Poor Jake! I had never left him in the car and I guess he panicked!
Talk about stressed! When we got to the Vet, no way was he coming
out of that car! Needless to say....I had pure HELL trying to get two
little dogs into the Vet! I told the receptionist; I need to be at the
shelter dropping off instead of here spending money! AHWWWW
she says; you know you wouldn't take nothing for them babies!
Right now, I'd give Jake away, I said!

I got back home thinking the rest of my morning would be spent
shampooing the car seats. Instead, Hubby who by the way, begged
off from going with me to " help " with the kids, is out cleaning the car!
He felt bad for not going I guess ?? I'm picking them up in his truck! HA!

This is meant to give you a laugh at my expense! It probably was very
funny to an on looker. That is the part where the six pound dog is pulling
me backwards in the Vet parking lot!


Barb Davis said...

What a terrible thing to happen when all was going so well. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

La Belette Rouge said...

Poor puppies and poor you and most especially, poor husband. Cleaning up puppy bar is horrible. Your flowers are lovely enough to clean the image of puppy barf out of my mind. ;-)

Missy B. said...

Your flowers are beautiful!

I hope Jake is feeling better...poor little guy. Sometimes we just don't know how they are going to react to different situations. My cat Charlie (who has never peed in his carrier) peed in his carrier last week when I took him to the vet. It was a rushed thing...I came home and his eye was swollen shut, so I called the vet and they said "bring him now" so I am sure after being flung into his carrier he was upset enough to pee. :) Jake just didn't like being left alone in the car...his stomach proved that! LOL

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Oh Carol, Maybe Jake KNEW he was going to the doctor. I always get a little sick at my stomach when I have to go to the doctor!!!! I'm sorry you had a rough time at the vet. Seems like some of their helpers (or someone) could have helped you a little. For as much as we pay the vet---well, you know what I mean!!!!

Hope they are both fine. AND--that is nice of hubby to clean out Pearlie May.

Hope the rest of your day will be GREAT.
P.S. Are you still feeling well??? Hope so!!!!

Reader Wil said...

Thanks for the stroll in the garden! How awful to have all that mess in the car. Great that your husband did the cleaning! Thanks for your visit.

Anonymous said...

It all started so innocently with the garden picts...Then, oh no! Poor you, poor pups.

Jeannette StG said...

that's the risk you take when helping other people! But you're right I did have a good laugh!

Now I have forgotten by now which pic I liked most:)

Jeannette StG said...

Carol, sure like that there are still some people in the USA who hang their laungry on the lines! In China we saw laungry hanging on every balcony - then I realized that we don't see that often here. And the Canna blooms and bougainvilla are gorgeous!

Tess Kincaid said...

That mommy bird looks none too happy! It's nice to see fresh clothes out on the line. I haven't seen that in years.

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

Your flowers are beautiful and you are married to a prince, but then you knew that = )

Hopefully you will have a quiet hurricane season.

Janet, said...

Everything was beautiful until your poor dog got sick. Our dog, Nippy, always swallowed her food whole. It's like she was afraid someone was going to take it from her before she got to eat it. Loved the pic of the little bird on the nest. We have so many baby birds in our yard, I love to watch them.

Sharon Rose said...

Thoses flowers are amazing! Sorry to hear about poor Jake. . . hope he is feeling better!
There is nothing worse than trying to clean up that stuff, especially in clumps. . . yuck! Great hubby. . . nice surprise!

Dirt Princess said...

Carol...I literally burst out loud laughing...and I am sorry for it! To an onlooker it is funny...well actually I am laughing with you and not at you. Poor little baby!!! And your poor car, poor hubby, poor puppies, poor you. Poor everybody! WHat a way to start the week huh! Awww it can only get better from here. Look on the bright side, alteast he didn't throw up on your bed

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, dear, what a fiasco, Carol. Poor Jake. But your flowers are beautiful, and you have a nice hubby, so all is well that ends well, eh? Hope the rest of the day has been going smoothly.



Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Edward and Apple stand firmly on the side of Jake. They tell me being carsick is just plain awful.

Actually, although Edward has never had a problem with this, when Apple was a puppy we brought along a bucket whenever she was with us. Just in case. Fortunately, she grew out of the problem!

NCmountainwoman said...

Nope...not laughing here. Our Lucy used to get carsick, so I've had my share of cleanups and it's not so funny. As they say, "all's well that ends well" I suppose. Lovely flowers and very cute bird.

Oh, I love the Flat Rock Inn coffee mug. I'll have to run by and get one.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Your day statred off wonderful and then went pear-shaped....
Dogs and heat do not mix, I can witness that first-hand, combine that with nervousness of riding in the car, it's an accident waiting to happen...
At least your car has those lovely leather seats, and are easier to wipe down over the cloth type. Does that make it any easier

crochet lady said...

Oh dear, our pets can sure throw us for a loop sometimes.

Love that coral b. vine.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Poor Jake. (My son's name is Jake.) And the flowers were lovely. What a great hubby. How nice of him to clean up that mess. (But he's a small dog, right? How much barf could he muster. Never mind, I don't need to know. ;-)

ceecee said...

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! What a horrible day. You know, your husband really is a dear. That was my favorite part of the story...him feeling guilty for not going. I didn't know it's the beginning of Hurricane season. I thought it was tornado season. Doesn't matter - it's all bad.
Love to you,

P.S. Congratulations on Post 100! Me too, but it took me a year to get there.

Glynis Peters said...

Oh dear, I was really enjoying your day and pictures. I do confess I smiled at your story about your trip to the vets :)