Monday, June 22, 2009

" Beauty,Weird, Nosey & Ugly "

I told you Saturday how my favorite flower, the Weeping Hibiscus
was starting to bloom, I brought it back on the screen porch so it
doesn't cook in the sun................

I do think it is getting ready to show off!

Do you know what this is?? Weird!
A right guess gets an extra entry in the
book giveaway pot!

This was a female Hummer who came to feed..........

I'm not sure if she saw me or a reflection of herself....
See her on the right? She got a little nosey.....

She turned into a peeping HUM..............

This is the only shoe I am able to wear, WHY?
What an ugly foot you say?

Because I broke my 4th and 5th toes on the right
foot! Talk about nearly passing out cold!
It is ugly, black and blue and painful too!!
I did it Saturday night and had to cook a big ole
Father's Day dinner yesterday and could barely
get around! My Dad is 81 and I'm grateful for every
day with him! We had his favorite foods, Chicken-N- Dumplin's,
Bar-B-Q Pork Ribs, Fried Okra, Stewed Squash and sliced maters!
He loved the Louisiana Hayride Memorabilia picture I got him in IDA!

I plan to do a review on a fabulous book of poetry
tomorrow titled " Reflections of A Mississippi Magnolia"
by Patricia Neely-Dorsey.................
I have a brand new signed copy to giveaway also!
If you have time, go to Amazon and read the great reviews
this wonderful book is getting!!


NCmountainwoman said...

Wonder if the hummer wanted to get to the hibiscus?

Sorry about the toes. Such a painful injury and hardly anyone will give you sympathy. So sit back and relax and keep that foot up.

Looking forward to the review.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Put that foot up and relax!

Sharon Rose said...

First of all, OUCH! I'm sorry you broke your toes. . that is so incredibly painful! Now about those sliced maters for your papa, did you save me some? Cause this pastor's coming for dinner and I'll be looking for them? (just kidding)
What a sweet little bird to be graced with. I love those little Peeping hums!

Reader Wil said...

Your flower is great, but your foot looks very painful! I hope that it soon gets better. It usually takes a long time! Thanks for your wonderful comments, Carol! I came home today and try to answer as many comments as possible.

Deb Shucka said...

I hope your toes are better soon. Ouch!

Our hummers are always poking their little selves into odd places. I watched one chase a goldfinch away from the thistle feeder yesterday.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Blasted, injuring those tootsies, toes are instrumental in getting a person around! I've heard that breaking a toe is more painful that breaking any other bone in the body, and you've broken two! Yikes.

I like the idea of a peeping hummingbird. Funny.

Unknown said...

Oh my that foot looks painful. I must compete with you for the ugly foot award though, my bunions just may win!

ceecee said...

Your posts are always packed with a wallop - and this time you are the one who got walloped. Hope you are able to put your poor foot up this week. Your dinner sounds delicious. I love southern cooking - especially chicken and dumplings. In fact, I like everything on your menu.
Is that weird photo a ghost?
Take care,

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Oooh looks painful, I've "jammed" my little toe before, and it took weeks to heal.
Try to stay off it as much as you can, and don't go around throwing tantrums any more :)
Food sounds delicious, and picture looks like someone who has had too much collagen injections in their lips
Take care, girlie

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Aww poor you Carol they look so painful and the heat you've been getting won't be helping much. The last photograph of your poor toes turned my blood cold. Hopefully they'll get less painful as the days go by.

Loved the humming birds your so lucky to have those pretty little birds, definately a tonic :)

Unknown said...

if you'd like to prop your foot and write 6 things you love, others may find boring, I've tagged you, visit robinsnewsong if you're so inclined!

The Prodigal Tourist said...

NCmountainwoman is right--so painful and hardly any sympathy! Though you've gotten a little bit here, hope that's helping!
One thing--you're lucky you have to pull your flowers so they don't get too much sun: we haven't had enough sun to burn anything!
Keep up the good spirits!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Carol,

Oh, I love your weeping hibiscus, and will have to look for one. I have two beauties in huge pots, and they always come in and spend winter in the sunroom, andn go out again in the spring.

The hummy is nosey. It looks somewhat larger than our hummies, which are the ruby throated ones. (Is that what you have there?) They are nosy as well, and peek in quite often.

Ouchie on your poor toes! Can you put ice packs on them for some relief from the pain? Hope they get better soon, otherwise you'll have to be traveling around with a slipper on one foot.

Your Father's Day dinner sounds delish, and you are lucky to still have your dear Dad around.

It's pretty darn hot again today around here. Hope it's cooler there.

Gentle huggies for toes-ey's!

Renie xox

Rosaria Williams said...

Those beautiful flowers on that hibiscus are making me jealous. Now, take care of that foot. Get others to do the chores.

david mcmahon said...

You're in a heatwave and we're in winter here, Carol!

Angie Ledbetter said...

So sorry about your foot! Hope it heals quickly.

I've never seen a weeping hibiscus, and I'm green with envy. It's gorgeous...and so are the hummer pics!

Lady Katherine said...

Hi, Nice to meet another Mississippi Blogger! I live in a Community called Leesburg, Northeast of Jackson.
Your toe looks bad. I broke the same two toes, several months ago. I had to keep the two toes wrapped close together, it took six long painful weeks before I was in shoes again. You better stay off it. I had my xrayed. I had pulled them back in place with a lot of tears! I should have waited for Doc. lol
We have a group of ladies bloggers, called ourselves, Mississippi Southern Belles, we are all going to meet up one day of antiquing and lunch. Love to have you join in!
Now, lay back and rest that foot so you can join us!

BlueRidge Boomer said...


Looks painful!!

Enjoy (not the foot).....LindaMay

Paula said...

So sorry about your accident, Miss Carol... broken toes are awful!!

Love the hummer pictures! They are so hard to photograph- they're so fast!!

Lady Katherine said...

Hi, Glad you want to join us Mississippi Southern Belles. I have a photo on my blog that you can take, and put on your side bar if you like, and link back to me to show you are a Mississippi Southern Belle. I will add you to the link on my sidebar. Love the humming bird pic. I need to go get a new feeder. I use to have them come up to my window. Now they stay around my flowers and gone in a heart beat. Now how do you tell if it a female hummingbird????????

Vicki Lane said...

Lovely hibiscus! We had lots in Florida but they're house plants here.

Take it easy with the toes!

Anonymous said...

Ow!!!!! I can't believed you cooked with that.

Looks like it was fun playing peek-a-boo with the hummingbird. They are so amazing.

steviewren said...

OUCH! Your toes look painful. Let everyone pamper deserve it after cooking that yummy delicious meal.

Robyn Kadis said...

Hi Carol, firstly so sorry to hear and see your toes!!!! Wow, looks very painful. Secondly, your hibiscus is FANTASTIC... i want one of those! And that gorgeous little humming bird is so cute. Well done for still cooking your dad his fave dinner on Fathers Day, toes and all. And lastly, thanks for the visit and comment on my blog, appreciate it.

the wild raspberry said...

what an amazing hibiscus!
that weird picture...hmmm...looks like a really really close up shot of some lips.
have a great one...

Sherry Austin said...

Your blog just gets better and better, Biscuit. Sorry about your toes. Look forward to your calls. And thanks for the comment about Days Between the Years.

JoyceAnn said...

Hope your foot and toes are feeling better , I know it's painful. I broke my ankle about 4 years ago , the pain was no fun.
The hibiscus is beautiful , I bet that little hummingbird was wanting to get to those wonderful blooms.

~ Beautiful Blessings ~

Kat Mortensen said...

Yeeeikes!!! Carol, that is one sore looking foot. You poor thing! I hope someone is waiting on you hand and FOOT!!!

Is it an apricot?


Janet, said...

Hi, your flowers are beautiful! Take care of your toes, I hurt mine one time. I was swiftly walking through the family room and got my toe caught on something and I went flying through the air. Don't know if they broke or not, but were very very sore for a long time. You got me on the picture, it looks like a blurry picture of a pointing finger.

Anonymous said...

Lady Katherine told me about you...I live in Laurel. What a small world...:D I go to Hattiesburg all the time...Love your blog...Hope we all can meet "Mississppi Belles" I hope you toes are feeling better...sorry about's looks painful! Got to meet you when I'm in Hattiesburg...Have a wonderful weekends...Kathy

Traci @ The Bakery said...

Ok, I about passed out cold when I saw the picture of your poor little toes!!! Owwwwww! I am stilllllll waiting to get some produce from my humble garden...arrrgggh. I have several blooms, just no produce!!