Wednesday, September 30, 2009

" Are You On The List ? "

As you know I've been experiencing trouble leaving comments on certain blogs I follow.
I went through MOST of my list yesterday trying to leave a comment. Here is a list of those blogs where I could not comment. Are You On The List ??

At The Compound, ( fixed it)

Autumn Days, ( fixed it)

29 Black Street, ( fixed it)

Chickens On The Porch,

Downeast Doing stuff, ( fixed it )

Elizabeth McCrindle's Art From Scotland, ( fixed it)

Flower Patch Farm Girl,

Forging An Art,

Gumbo Writer, ( fixed it)

Journaling Woman, ( fixed it)

Midlife Job Hunter,

Missy's Book Nook, ( fixed it)

Prairie Flower Farm

White Spray paint

Stone Bridge Farm, ( fixed it)

Thatchwick Cottage,

The Art of Living In Japan
Trials & Tribulations of A Southern Gardner , (fixed it)

Solving The Problem................ THANKS TO THOSE WHO FIXED IT !!!

The problem appears to widespread according to E-blogger help. Many of you have expressed to me that you are having the same problem. After checking each blog, I noticed that everyone of the blogs listed above have embedded comment setting.
If you'd like to change it and don't know how, here is what you do...............

Go to your blogger dashboard. Next to New Post, Edit Post You will see Settings.
Click on this then click Comments. I believe it is the 3rd box that gives you 3 choices, FULL PAGE, POP UP or EMBEDDED. Choose either one of the first 2.

I'm probably not the only one who can't comment on your blog and some think it is because a lot of us had to upgrade IE recently.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

" Backslider"

It seems I have been banned from commenting on several blogs!! Just kidding! I can't figure out the problem but there are quite a few blogs that will not cooperate with letting me leave a comment. I "think" it is blogs with the embedded comment setting. I can write the comment in the box but it won't post it. If it is full page or pop up window, it works. I e-mailed some of them with my comment and had them post it. Am I the only one having this problem? I tried to make the rounds yesterday, so if you didn't see me, that's why!!

I was really sad.....
I had a feeling Sunday morning that Miss Trixie GoLay had BACKSLID !!!
What with her pecking at Queen Vicki and acting all grumpy, I just knew something was up!

AN EGG ON SUNDAY! She has now laid 8 days straight!

This morning on the porch we were blessed with a breath taking view!

A dream scape for an artist............

Although in my opinion, Nature cannot be beat for art!

We sat with our coffee in the cool morning air and just marveled.........

I wouldn't miss this show for anything.............

Yesterday......Hubby got a new toy! I had to put my foot down when he ran out of yard and looked longingly toward the pasture! HA!


Sunday, September 27, 2009


I was so sad to read yesterday that David McMahon @ AuthorBlog has given up blogging!!

It was one of the very first blogs I started following and I always looked forward to it! We will so miss David and his Post of The Day not to mention his Sunday Roast in which he spotlighted other bloggers and their great blogs!What a beautiful blog he had with all his wonderful photos and great wit! So here's A Toast To You David !!!!!

NO, He wasn't like everyone, he was and is VERY SPECIAL! IRREPLACEABLE In Blogland!

David has chosen to spend his time writing a book and I both understand and applaud his discipline. Thank you David for all your encouragement to each of us and we will sure miss you!! :(

I hope you will come by and say Hello often To ALL THE 932 Followers of Authorblog....................

As you know, I've been punny. Turns out it was a bad Sinus infection and after 36 hours of Augmentin 800, I'm much better. I HATE taking antibiotics but sometimes you have no choice.

I HATE also that on Friday I missed the luncheon in Jackson where The Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles gathered to meet!! :( I hear they had a great time and that I missed picking up my 4th B'Day Cake !! :)

Since I felt like this and would no doubt have been rotten company, you girls are probably better off!! :)

My illness did not stop the book mobile from bringing the Amazon Box!
Can't wait to get into the pages of " The Oyster Dancer" as one of the characters is loosely based on Jennie Merrill of Goat Castle fame. Kevin Scrantz, the Louisiana author and I have become e-mail pals. He is as obsessed with The Goat Castle Murder as I am!! HA! :)

I know some of you have had way too much rain lately! We have had just a tiny bit shy of 8 inches this week. Soggy ground!

And foggy mornings..............The Sun tries hard to get through this morning

I love the fog, it just reminds me so much of the mountains!!

It is just eerie yet there's a secret inside it!

If you look close or click to enlarge, you will see the ducks swimming.........

The flowers take on a mystical presence in the fog........this is an Iris bed that has been taken over by Goldenrod! Perhaps the cause of my Sinus trouble? Always more work to do around here!

Cannas having their last Hoo Rah!

All three Gardenia Bushes are full of blooms!

This caught my eye in the fog............Sparkling like Diamonds!

TC thinks he's hiding from the birds in this group of Mexican Petunias ........yeah right!

As I made my morning round to check on the girls, I took some shots of the Chicken Coop Spider!

She's pretty large but a beauty!

Today's question is.....will Miss Trixie GoLay take the Sabbath off for the 3rd week in a row or will she backslide and lay today? I took the girls and Oscar their daily greens this morning. I love watching their antics!

First off, Madame Willow refused to participate and went to the far corner! Wonder what's stuck in her craw?

Then Miss Trix pecked at Queen Vicki and really hacked her off! So she goes under the tin and starts squawking! NOW GIRLS, LET"S BE NICE !! :)

Then she jumps up on the nest box and says " kiss my greens, Trixie GoLay!! Gotta love them hens!!

The gang was all outside when I heard scratching at the door! Could you PLEASeeeeee let us in MOM?

TC thinks he's a dog and won't stop rubbing on us and it's nerve racking!!

AND JAKE.............he is still in a bad mood! Stays on his bed or the dogroom couch pouting and shooting dirty looks at EVERYBODY!

Well it's just about time for NFL kickoff between my Tennessee Titans and the NY Jets!
My Titans are 0-2 having lost their first 2 games by a field goal. One in overtime and the other in the last few seconds so they are HUNGRY for a WIN!! GO TITANS!

Friday, September 25, 2009

" Under The Weather"

I have tried to make the rounds and do some commenting before I go back to bed. I have encountered a problem posting a comment on some blogs, so far it has been GUMBO WRITER,
DIRT PRINCESS and JOURNALING WOMAN and VICKI LANE..............So if you are having a problem, you are not alone !! :(

It started Wednesday with constant sneezing, then with I just don't feel good. Yesterday I just kept feeling worse and started having a stuffed nose and body aches. Today for the first time in I don't even remember, I am running a low grade fever and must admit, I'm sick! So I'll be missing till I get enough C & E vitamins in me to run whatever this is off! Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Tuesday, September 22nd, my day! I arose at my usual 5:AM to a day of HEAVY Fog. I had to have my 3 boys, Jake-A- Boo, Patch-A-Poo and Duke-A-Bear at the Vets @ 8:AM for neutering. It's a 30 minute drive so I began loading @ 7:15. I put a sheet across the back seat and set one carrier in for Jake. I get the other carrier and load Patch and Duke in it. I picked up Jake and tote him to the garage to put in his carrier. In the meantime, Sadie, who knows somethings up, is going berserk. She jumps in the backseat when I put Jake in. I shut the door and Hubby gets her out the other side when he sets the other carrier in. I get in, strap on my seat belt and start engine.
OMG! What is that smell? I decide someone has had a BM! I get back out and discover Jake had decided the carrier was the backyard! So, I get the paper towels and do a clean up. We're off! While driving, the cell phone rings constantly with B'day wishes. About midway there, I hear one of the pups getting car sick and the other one starts whining. I'm thinking the whiner had something on him he's not liking too much! I get the boys dropped off and take a deep breath!
This was not Marilyn Monroe's B'day Ride for sure!

I head over to my Dad's to visit and pick up my present. He and Jeanette got me a beautiful key ring that clips on your purse so your keys don't fall to the bottom. I had been wanting one of these forever and I also picked up another Birthday Cake! My present from Hubby is a new Laptop like this.........
But I'm waiting till October when the new Windows 7 is released..............
My sister who lives in Tennessee, sent me this gorgeous card and it had some money with a sticky note attached to it on the inside. Click to enlarge and read the note, I laughed so hard!

After I got back from Dad's, my SIL (actually she's my ex as she is my 1st husbands sister) sent her husband over with yet another B'day Cake so we have two in the freezer and we're eating on one and we are thinking it's time for another get together cause we already have the desert! HA!
It has been raining everyday so my day was no different, at noon it let in raining. I fixed us some lunch and dived into a new read! IT IS SO GOOD ! So I've just been reading and relaxing for the past couple of days.

I also got my 1st Issue of this magazine yesterday and have read it cover to cover! Making it special was the fact that it had a wonderful article by my North Carolina friend Gary Carden in it!

This is the article and that is a painting by Gary!

We picked the boys up yesterday morning and they were sure glad to see us! Poor Jake just lays on his bed with such a sad look! I know he feels bad, but it had to be done! :)

However the little squirts don't seem to know anything has changed with them except they got to come back home from that scary place they spent the night! HA! " Could you please let us out, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now".................

So that was my day............Thanks for all the B'Day wishes both on the blog and Face Book!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Scroll down and read my re-posted review of this book! Read this book you won't be sorry!!


This post originally ran last March. Since Kathryn won this award yesterday for her wonderful book and because I have so many wonderful readers now that weren't following in March, I am re-posting my review of the best book I've read in YEARS!! Congratulations Kathryn Stockett!
It has been on the NY Times Bestseller list for 24 weeks and is still # 3. It has been the # 1 book on Indiebound for several weeks!

I am reminded of a story told to me many years ago by my sweet neighbor Mr. Albert. As a boy, he had to walk nearly a half mile from the barn back to the house carrying two heavy pails of milk hanging from a pole across his shoulders. One day he had made it nearly to the back steps when he stumbled and fell, spilling all the milk. He said to me;
" my mother always said not to cry over spilled milk, but I sat there and bawled " !

"The Help" by Kathryn Stockett ( Pub . Feb.2009 by Amy Einhorn/ Putnam ) 444 Pages

I finished reading " The Help" this morning around 2:00 A.M. When it was over, I sat there and bawled! All that time I spent with Abilene, Minny, Skeeter, May Mobley and Miss Celia had come to an end and I was just heartbroken! They became my friends, like family and now it was like a funeral, after 444 pages, they were gone. I will miss them!

I have been reading the works of Southern Authors for as long as I can remember.This book is the work of a True Southern Author and it is an Awesome Read ! Kathryn Stockett has truly captured the emotion both the good and bad of the 1960's Mississippi I grew up in!

I have never laughed , cried, been angered, ashamed or proud this much within the pages of "one book ", in my life and I have read hundreds of great books! I relived my days with Ruby, the black woman who worked for my family, through Abilene whose character is so much like my memories of Ruby. I heard through Abilene's voice talking to Mae Mobley, Ruby's voice telling me; "what a smart girl I was and how I was gonna grow up and be something real special". I cried because I lost the chance to let Ruby see what I became, just like Skeeter did with Constantine, the black woman who helped raise her.

Thank God the South has been trying to change for the past 40 years and I am reminded by this book that it really has. Though things are not and may never be completely , the way they should be here in my lifetime, I have faith that they will in my children and their children's.

I agree, Kathryn may just have her a book as special in its message as Harper Lee did with "To Kill A Mockingbird "! I will place my copy of "The Help" on the shelf with the ones I consider the Classics.

I predict great things for " The Help" and to whomever buys the movie rights, I hope they opt for a mini-series because two hours will never do justice to these 444 wonderful pages!

If you love to read, read this book! If you don't read it , you have as we say in Mississippi, " a grudge against your own self ".