Tuesday, June 30, 2009

" The 40 % Was Bull "

I did a post on Sunday that got accidentally deleted, for the 8 who got to see it and comment please scroll past what you've already seen and look at the additions. The 40 % rain forecast yesterday, never came. The bull, Bocephus, was the only one who got rained on! Never let anyone tell you cattle are dumb. He figured out how to walk through the ponds edge and get in the garden yesterday morning. He was after the grass that grows between the garden and pond. Hubby first tried to shoo him out but Bocephus was having none of that! He just blew, snorted and pawed the ground.

So Hubby got the water hose and let him have it! That put him on the move! He DID NOT like it!

Remember when " the girl " came to visit and nearly killed me shopping everyday? For those of you who are new to the blog, "the baby girl " is my third child and only daughter Melanie, (named after Gone With The Wind's Melanie). These are the table clothes I got for nearly nothing at Hudson's in Meridian to use as curtains. We finally got them hung last week!

Hubby put up light weight metal pipe for rods. They are hung with metal clip rings.

They also have clear plastic shower curtains attached to the backs. I turned the shower ring holes to the bottom and plan to attached cup holder hooks to the wall so the holes can be hooked to keep blowing rain out. ( I WISH )

My friend Angie @ Gumbo Writer blogged about this great Cobbler Mix last week so I sent Hubby to Wally World for a few bags. I made a Peach Cobbler that day that was delish! It was the Blackberry Cobbler I made Saturday though that was to die for! This stuff is wonderful!
EASY and FAST ! Thanks CUZ!

That's it behind our dinner plates. We had Grilled Tilapia over wild rice covered with Fruit/Chili Sauce along with steamed veggies and garlic cheese bread!And BC for desert!

The Fruit/ Chili Sauce! I first heard about this from Sweet Susan @ 29 Blackstreet. She sent me the recipe and I set out to can me some. It has peaches, pears, tomatoes, onions, celery, red and green bell pepper, sugar, salt, apple cider vinegar and pickling spice!

I used a coffee filter tied with string instead of cheese cloth for my spice bag.

I got 9 twelve ounce jars of delight!

Yesterday I canned! Three 12 ounce jars of Hot Garlic Pickled Okra, plus Okra in the freezer.

I put up two pans like this full of tomatoes and got 9 quarts, 1 pint and a quart of juice!

Saturday I also put up 6 quarts of Refrigerator Pickles. I got the recipe from Colorado Lady
who posted it on her blog. These can be eaten after 24 hours and last 6 months in fridge.
These things are awesome, I kid you not!

The end result so far of my canning is this. Hubby is gathering now and says there is just as many tomatoes as I canned yesterday!He just reported he picked 46 big ones! OH ME! They sure will be good come winter! My Daddy gave me this cabinet which belonged to my step mom and dear friend Tena, who passed away in July 2003. This is what she kept her canned food in. :)

Well, today the Grandogs are a week old and Sadie and I are taking them to the Vet for a check up, of course Sadie will get her check up too! :D
Hopefully after we get back from the Vet, I can visit everyone and comment. I didn't get to make my rounds yesterday, too exhausted so thanks for all the sweet comments and e-mails! I have the greatest blog buddies out there !

Monday, June 29, 2009

" My 100th Follower "

There is always something good in everyday, I say!
Yesterday, I got my 100th Follower on my blog!
Meet T @ http://picturethis-tlh.blogspot.com

Picture This Snapshots of Life.

T takes beautiful snapshots of all the people and things around her! Like her shot of her " fat " cat giving her an OH NO not you and that flashing box again! YUK!

( Photo Credit to Picture This Blog)

Go visit T and see 40 Pink Flamingo's..............
T has won for being the 100th follower these two prizes
from The Writers Porch Library.................
A wonderful light hearted mystery, Defending Angels
by Mary Stanton and Audio book by Fern Michaels
Hokus Pokus ! I enjoyed both of these and hope she
does too!


Sunday, June 28, 2009


Who knew today a real STOOGE would change my plan for the day? I spent a good deal of time this morning up loading pictures and writing a post which I thought was an enjoyable post. To the few who got to see it and comment, it apparently was. It got deleted on accident when I tried to edit it. So I will redo a part of it and save the rest for later. I was trying to edit it to add that a rude commenter has notified me on my blog that I " should be ashamed " for breeding Sadie.
I will post both the comment and my answer to her at the end! What she did was to open her mouth and insert her foot in it and get my Scotch/Irish temper flared up!

So instead of being in my kitchen right now canning tomatoes like I had planned, I'm at the keyboard redoing my post for the day!

POOR JAKE ! He sits on the arm of the Dog Room couch
and guards the backyard and his little family!

Sadie is a wonderful Mommy who cleans, feeds and loves
on her boys!

Larry has double in size to a little butterball!

So has Moe!

Curly is the little runt, so tiny, he has a hard time holding
his weight against the brothers, trying to hang on to a teat
and get the milk to flow!

So Dog Nana helps him out and makes sure he gets plenty!

I dream of a day like this................
( Internet picture)

And remember this day in pictures thinking if it was today, I'd roll on the ground in it! Yes, Indeed! Swiftwater Farm December 11, 2008.

Instead, I'm watching the herd try to crowd into the pond everyday!
We have had NO rain in 24 days! Nine days of 100 + degrees with
the heat index sometimes as high as 113!

Now to the Stooge! I'm am pretty much a live and let live person. I try to stay positive, always and if I have nothing good to add, keep my trap shut! Sometimes though, not often, someone flares me up! That someone paid a visit to my blog this morning on the earlier post,
" It's All About The Babies" and left this comment:
You seem like a really amazing woman and I am in tears that you would do this to your dog?
The poor thing.There are so many puppies and dogs in this world. It is all about the babies, and there are too many here already. You should be ashamed of yourself...................
My response to her via the comment e-mail.............................................................................................
You know nothing about the situation with my dog or me. I know all about how many shelter dogs are out there! I visit my local shelter every week or so to drop off 100 pounds of food along with sheets, towels, blankets and rugs I collect from friends , family and yard sales.
I happen to love small dogs. I love Pekingese. I had a Peek named Chingo for 13 years who died of old age after having lived a happy life!After her was Sassy, a Peek-a Pom who also died of old age at 14 years old. Sadie and Jake were a wedding gift from my husband two years ago. I bred them to have one litter of pups for family members who wanted them, free of charge! They will have GREAT homes. This was and is, NONE of your concern! I am an amazing woman, one who does NOT tend to other peoples business and would never go on someones blog and leave such a rude comment!While we are on the subject of breeding. There are state homes full of children who need good homes with parents too, but most people choose to have their own if possible. Should they be ashamed also? Are your children adopted? Do not attempt to link me with people who are irresponsible dog breeders! Sadie had excellent vet care throughout her pregnancy and I sat 13 hours on a hard tile floor during her entire delivery rubbing her belly and making sure I was there if a problem occurred!
Sorry I have to moderate now but I don't want this kind of negativity on my blog!

Friday, June 26, 2009

We Have A Winner!

We have a winner in the book giveaway for a signed copy of

" Reflections Of A Mississippi Magnolia " by Patricia Neely-Dorsey!

It's NitWit 1 @ Coward's Corner with Luckie !
I typed up a list with every commenter's name and gave it a number.
At the bottom the names of those who gave a try at guessing what
the " weird" tomato was got a second number. I then asked Hubby
to pick a number between 1-24 and write it on the pad. ( BIG ) HA!
I took a picture of his answer, NUMBER 17 !!!
Congratulations NitWit 1 !!!!!

Here's the list ! It was alot faster than putting them in a bowl
and him drawing like last time ! :0)

SEE YOU LATER ......Thanks for all the comments!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

" Larry, Moe and Curly "

WOW ! What a day! Swiftwater Farm had three new
additions yesterday, Larry, Moe and Curly!
This is a picture of Mom Sadie and her boys I took
this morning at "breakfast"!

Larry was first and was breach, which cause a little excitement!

Moe however just popped right out !

Sadie however decided a 4 hour break was in order before
allowing little Curly to enter the world! He has a tiny hair lip
on the top left side! :( The Vet said it may fill out!

He is a Jake mini-me !!

After the three boys got here Mom was a picture of exhaustion!

They started nursing right away! YEAH!

Then took a nap under Mom's chin!

I snapped this while Mom partook of a much needed meal

This one also...............

Mommy's back on guard! Jake just has to look and she
starts growling ! Poor Daddy Jake has lost his buddy!

Show off your babies Sadie Boo !

At 10:30 PM Sadie had a stillborn girl. It appeared to have
had a deformity where the brain formed outside the skull!
I had a good cry and vowed , NO more pups! They will both
get surgery in due time!
I'll be canning and freezing veggies all day, what I had planned
yesterday before I had to play doctor. Of course I'll be taking
frequent Peeks at the Peeks ! :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The Vet had changed the pup due date till June 29th.
He was wrong, I was right, she's in labor right now!
I'll have pictures tonight on the blog! Pekingese do not
break the sacks, cut the cords or clean babies. I will have
to play Doctor and do this. They do make great Moms though!

Daddy Jake is having a fit! Would not eat breakfast!

I finally had to cage him so he would leave Sadie alone...

We had an amazing Sunset yesterday I want to share!

I did it in progressive shots.............8 PM

8: 15.................



9:00 PM................

The answer to the weird photo.................
When Hubby brought it in, he said;
It's so hot out there the tomatoes are growing
tongues to pant with!
Those of you who gave it a guess will get an extra entry
in the book giveaway..........
My favorite answer was Willow Manor with, Angelina
Jolie's lips!