Sunday, June 28, 2009


Who knew today a real STOOGE would change my plan for the day? I spent a good deal of time this morning up loading pictures and writing a post which I thought was an enjoyable post. To the few who got to see it and comment, it apparently was. It got deleted on accident when I tried to edit it. So I will redo a part of it and save the rest for later. I was trying to edit it to add that a rude commenter has notified me on my blog that I " should be ashamed " for breeding Sadie.
I will post both the comment and my answer to her at the end! What she did was to open her mouth and insert her foot in it and get my Scotch/Irish temper flared up!

So instead of being in my kitchen right now canning tomatoes like I had planned, I'm at the keyboard redoing my post for the day!

POOR JAKE ! He sits on the arm of the Dog Room couch
and guards the backyard and his little family!

Sadie is a wonderful Mommy who cleans, feeds and loves
on her boys!

Larry has double in size to a little butterball!

So has Moe!

Curly is the little runt, so tiny, he has a hard time holding
his weight against the brothers, trying to hang on to a teat
and get the milk to flow!

So Dog Nana helps him out and makes sure he gets plenty!

I dream of a day like this................
( Internet picture)

And remember this day in pictures thinking if it was today, I'd roll on the ground in it! Yes, Indeed! Swiftwater Farm December 11, 2008.

Instead, I'm watching the herd try to crowd into the pond everyday!
We have had NO rain in 24 days! Nine days of 100 + degrees with
the heat index sometimes as high as 113!

Now to the Stooge! I'm am pretty much a live and let live person. I try to stay positive, always and if I have nothing good to add, keep my trap shut! Sometimes though, not often, someone flares me up! That someone paid a visit to my blog this morning on the earlier post,
" It's All About The Babies" and left this comment:
You seem like a really amazing woman and I am in tears that you would do this to your dog?
The poor thing.There are so many puppies and dogs in this world. It is all about the babies, and there are too many here already. You should be ashamed of yourself...................
My response to her via the comment e-mail.............................................................................................
You know nothing about the situation with my dog or me. I know all about how many shelter dogs are out there! I visit my local shelter every week or so to drop off 100 pounds of food along with sheets, towels, blankets and rugs I collect from friends , family and yard sales.
I happen to love small dogs. I love Pekingese. I had a Peek named Chingo for 13 years who died of old age after having lived a happy life!After her was Sassy, a Peek-a Pom who also died of old age at 14 years old. Sadie and Jake were a wedding gift from my husband two years ago. I bred them to have one litter of pups for family members who wanted them, free of charge! They will have GREAT homes. This was and is, NONE of your concern! I am an amazing woman, one who does NOT tend to other peoples business and would never go on someones blog and leave such a rude comment!While we are on the subject of breeding. There are state homes full of children who need good homes with parents too, but most people choose to have their own if possible. Should they be ashamed also? Are your children adopted? Do not attempt to link me with people who are irresponsible dog breeders! Sadie had excellent vet care throughout her pregnancy and I sat 13 hours on a hard tile floor during her entire delivery rubbing her belly and making sure I was there if a problem occurred!
Sorry I have to moderate now but I don't want this kind of negativity on my blog!


Angie Ledbetter said...

Gark. Ya just gotta ignore the scabooble heads! :)

My grandmother from Hattiesburg was Scotch/Irish too. I tell ya...we're related some kinda way.

Cynthia Pittmann said...

Carol, I'm so sorry that people go after each other with negative comments based on erroneous assumptions. I know that any birth is a celebration...and what can we do? We are living beings who love life and creation? I have a animal rescue here at our "finca" in the country. We have 13 dogs and it requires a lot of time and money to insure that everything gets done. Sometimes, I fall short ...most recently, one got pregnant and we didn't know she could have puppies because she was "sickly" thin. She hid her puppies until they were a couple weeks old...doing a disappearing act, which turned out to be under the wall support by the orange tree. sigh. We are looking for homes for these puppies...but I have to confess that everyone in this family is totally in love with these puppies. I know it was a mistake...(and I am not comparing my 'problem' with your celebration) but these black and white puppies are zestful and energetic balls of affection.

You are not the person to be judged. Sometimes people think they know something about others but don't look with affection and acceptance. It makes them see incorrectly. That's what happened to you...but your integrity shines through to your abundant readers.

BTW, Miss intelligent and caring Carol, I have left you an award at Oasis Writing Link (OWL)blog. You are indeed a treasure and surrounded by love. <3

Terry said...

Oh Honey all Southern women know to never insult a Scotch Irish gal on a hot summer day :)
Or any other day !
Anyway I hope you get a chance to visit my blog today.
I left you an award and I think you need it after all the negative stuff.
You certainly deserved this sweet award before ,
Now I think you have earned it :)
Blessigns to you sweet lady .
Happy Trails

Rosaria Williams said...

There, and I thought you had a charmed life.

Carol Murdock said...

Thank you Ang, Cynthia and Terry!
All I can say is I knew staying out of church to can tomatoes was a MISTAKE! :)
I won't make that mistake again!
There is evil out there just waiting to make you mess up!
GOD have mercy on miseriable people trying to cause others misery, Right? :D
I'll be over to get those awards in just a few! Love you guys!

NitWit1 said...

Yikes! Sounds like a PETA member!

Three (actually 4) puppies make a puppy mill?

I unknowingly bought a dog from a Missouri puppy mill. You are NO puppy mill.

And I thought I would get FLAMED for not falling down and worshiping JACKO...

I took a course in blogging before I started. Flaming and negative word wars are no-no. That is why I stay out of the political blogs. I do have opinions..but that is exactly what they are...opinion-mine.

Carol Murdock said... one has a charmed life but I am truly happy with mine and the only thing I'm ashamed of is that, for a brief time I bought into this WACKO's game of negativeness!

Carol Murdock said...

NW1........there's always one in the crowd somewhere!
You got Jacko, I got Wacko! :D

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Don't let a bad apple ruin your day (or blog!). We've made lots of friends on the ether in just a few months, and you probably have too. Try to think of that, if you can. (Maybe next week?)

Sprite, the odd dog. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
newmanzoo said...

While in yours and your friends opinions, she may be wrong.. Does that give YOU the excuse to make fun of her for her brain injury? She posted an opinion, YOU made it personal. Maybe you should not be judged for your dog breeding, but for the cruel personal attack you made against Ali... She is a sweet and caring person; and yes, I realize that statement comes from one of HER friends, therefore holding no merit in your eyes. But I wanted to point out the fact after reading the 'testimonials' from your friends. I do not expect you to publish this... but if you are the sweet and caring person that those you allow to post on your blog say you are.. You should be ashamed for making fun of her disability and not sticking to the point at hand.

ceecee said...

Carol -
I'm supposed to be spending the evening with my husband but after reading your comment I just had to pop over and see what the heck was going on over here. First of all - Congratulations to everyone in the family! And second of all - You are absolutely right. That was totally uncalled for. I'm sorry you have to moderate your comments now - The world's gone to hell in a handbasket. Enjoy your babies.

Jeannette StG said...

Oh Carol, what a horrid weather! The puppies are so cute.
You don't have apologize for comment moderation, Carol - it's your blog! You decide what comes on it and what not:)

Carol Murdock said... are right and good advice!

Wobegon Cottage said...

Well that was interesting. My mother claims she has a bit of scotch-irish which would mean I do also:) I know how you feel but there always seems to be someone who disagrees with the way we choose to live our lives and for some crazy reason has to share their opinion. We all have a right to chose our own path, this is America after all. It dosen't matter what she said your friends know and love you and know your intentions where for the good. I had a wonderful day with music in the park down on the Mississippi River....hope to blog soon.

Carol Murdock said... I said to you in my reply to the comment post e-mail. Your friend is a compulsive liar also. I did not saying anything about her brain injury of which I knew nothing about. I KNOW NOTHING about this Wacko's personal life except that she needs to get one and leave me alone! If asking if her children are adopted is an insult, then I guess I did? I was trying to make a point! Responsiable breeding isn't just for canines! I am convinced she is dangerous!

Carol Murdock said...

Catherine.....sorry to interupt your time with Hubby :(

Jeannette.....thanks sweetie!

Anonymous said...

So many times I have been hurt by thoughtless people. I have learned that it is how you respond that make you who you are.

You are truly a cut above. I applaud you and your response.

The Devil Dog said...

Really, Carol, all you had to say was, that's your opinion Alison and you are entitled to it. I have mine, and I am at peace with my decision. You did not have to flame Alison, her injury, or her child. Those were beyond the pale, sorry.
I have no issue with your wanting to breed Sadie once. I understand why you did it and I think it was a loving thing to do.
I do think the continuous angry comments you left Alison say a little bit more about yourself than you wanted. I also didn't think Alison's comment, as you posted it, was quite as rude as you think it was. Again, that is just my opinion. You have your opinion and I have mine.
The choice we all have is to try to reach common ground. Or not.


Carol Murdock said...

To Marie @ The Devil Dog and all others reading my blog and these comments........

I did not insult this woman's brain injury and I responded this to each person coming from her blog at me through reply e-mail.
After I enabled comment moderation,
Ali, the woman in question tried to post a comment which I chose to reject as well as several more she has made. In it she challenged me, if I had a working brain, to defend myself on her blog. Like a fool, I fell into the baiters trap!
I wrote a comment that her veiwers could visit my blog and see a brain that worked! I had NO idea whatsoever that she has had an accident of some sort and has a brain injury! Was I set up? Who knows , who cares, but this is how that came about. I made the comment about children from the state needing homes but most of us have our own if we can, rather than adopt. I also said I felt sorry or her dogs and children after she expressed sympathy for mine! That got turned into I had insulted her children! I'm sorry if she has a brain injury, I pray she recovers but it doesn't give her cause to inflict injury to others with her words! Now ...I hope that clears this up!I am sorry any of my followers got caught up in this mess!

I_am_Tulsa said...

first of all, I soooo want a jar (or 2) of your tomatoes!
the puppies are so cute and I love how you show us that the father of the pups is on guard! Every family has a right to be just that... a family!
lots of love, Tulsa

Elenka said...

Carol, you go girl, tell it like it is!!
ENJOY your beautiful puppies !

Renie Burghardt said...

Well, my goodness. I was gone all day and just got home a bit ago and came to check out your new post, and find myself dumbfounded!

I just want to say, I still loves you, dear Carol. Enjoy your sweet little peeks, and don't pay no mind to people who think they're do gooders, and think others are not. The nerve of some people!

Huggies and prayers,


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Carol my dear, bloggy friend...
Enable comment moderation, and let the negative comments go where bad commentors lie.
You are in America and can do whatever you choose, it's your blog, they can get their own blog !
I have bred dogs, and not kept them all either, I suppose I ran a puppy mill too.
I have worked for thirty years as a vet technician, and also for the local humane association, believe me, you are NOT a puppy mill operator.
Some people just seem to find the negative in everything,they have to realise that Pobody's Nerfect.
Except of course our creator.
My friend you are, and girlie I love ya.

Sharon Rose said...

Carol, you are indeed amazing. I am inspired by your ability to respond in a way that allows the readers to see exactly who you are, set great boundaries and get your point across.
Those sweet babies are just adorable. Thank you so much for showing us updates. Thank you so much for the love you have for animal at shelters, the mission work you do there has touched my heart.
I also want to say thank you regarding the comment about people who are having children, with respect to those who do not have homes to go to.
Carol, you did a great job! God bless your will to say it and walk your talk! You have ABSOLUTELY nothing to be ashamed of. . . and you certainly don't need me to even say that!
Great job!

Sharon Rose said...

Now, when I bring Daisy over to play with the boys, can we please have some fried green tomatoes?

Glynis Peters said...

You go girl! You tell her.
By the way, we last had rain in March and temps are high, very high.
I would like to see a drop or two :)

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hi Carol!

As one who has "midwifed" through several puppy birthings (including our own dog Dion's birth), I know what it's like to have the joy and terror of this event play out before you.

Good luck to your little Sadie, and her adorable brood. There is nothing cuter than a tiny puppy!

Thanks for visiting ... but I have to say, if I ever heard an actual recording of a ghost in That Old House, I might move OUT!



Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Pay no heed Carol....take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy your puppies, they are all thats important :)

Wobegon Cottage said...

I think we have to realize there are some people out there who are so miserable in their own lives they don't want anyone else to be happy so they try and interject there own misery on others. Keep your chin up carol your doing a great job.

Carol Murdock said...

To all those who left comments and sent private e-mails on this post ........

This was my very first experiance with a negative commenter, did I respond in an appropriate manner? No, I did not! I lost my temper and let this woman get to me!It has been a very hot and exhausing week with all that goes on at a farm in harvest season, plus an entire day playing mid-wife to my new grandogs!

After she kept accusing me of insulting her brain injury which I had no knowledge of, I went to her blog and read a few posts. I did not read but a couple and she does have an injury caused by some accident, I think. I did not go far enough to find out by what.
Had I been aware of this to start with, I would have let it go, as I should have done anyway! But I didn't!
She really hacked me off by referring to my dog breeding as a puppy mill. She told one of her followers, I had two litters a few weeks apart, among other false things.

She continues to blog about me and send nasty comments which I reject! Thank God for comment moderation!

I would just lay it to her brain injury if I didn't have a precious niece Angela who is 42 and received a serious head injury in a car accident 10 years ago. Angela has never exhibited negative hatred toward others.
There is not a sweeter, kinder person on earth than sweet Angela.

So i'm closing this chapter and moving on to more important things like canning, taking care of my Sadie, my grandogs, Jake, TC , Hubby, flowers cattle and my home. I am a woman blessed by God to have such a wonderful life I love living. A life full of friends and family. Bless you all for being so sweet and so understanding of a day I'm glad is OVER!!!!!!!!!

Dirt Princess said...

LOVE ya Carol! Last time I checked...this was your blog, where you voice your opinion. I didn't think anything you said was offensive. As my grandma says
" you can dish it out, but you can't take it"....geez, its not like you are running a puppy mill, or are you and you just don't want to say????LOL!!! Don't sweat it...

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Carol, I just read through all of the comments and think you have done the right thing to DROP it. The more 'publicity' you give a person--the more they'll continue to do this kind of thing...

I know that these are 'public' blogs---and people have the 'right' to say what they want to say. She has strong feelings about that issue I'm sure---but she doesn't have the skills when it comes to expressing these feelings to others--especially to those she doesn't know. The whole thing could have been handled differently. Maybe she will grow from this also.

I haven't received one of these negative comments YET---but one day, I probably will. And--like you, I will be furious and mostly hurt. BUT---I hope I've learned from your experience NOT to give it any attention at all.. Sometimes it is better to IGNORE and not fight back..

You are such a great woman--and have done so much good in the world to everyone around you. It's true.. That gal doesn't know you.

Wonder if SHE has 100 followers???? Bet NOT.

Becca's Dirt said...

Carol - I can't believe someone would say such a thing. It was totally uncalled for and I know it made you a little upset. I am mad at her for you. Carol - we all stand behind you.

So glad the babies are doing well. They are precious.

Becca's Dirt said...

Carol I can't believe the rudeness of people. I don't think you did anything wrong here. And you could be breed puppies every day of the week if you so choose as long as they aren't abused. Exageration of course - but you know what I mean. Like DP said this is your blog for you to write your feelings and thoughts and life's beauties. I admire you and love to read your blog.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I'm with Angie, just do your best to ignore the critics. I'm always amazed at people that feel free to tell others how to live and think. It's "their way" or the highway. You doggy family is beautiful.

Merisi said...

I am so sorry one of the commenters upset you! Next time, just hit the delete botton and don't let it go to your heart.

I have comment moderation because I have come to enjoy being able to read all the comments before I publish them. I should receive the comments also by mail, but it turned out that it is not a reliable system, too many comments were never referred by mail. Now I can catch even comments to older posts, which eludes me way too often.

Originally I put comment moderation on because someone was simply having fun making silly comments which were not really funny. Otherwise I have been really lucky in enjoying immensely sweet visitors like you.

I don't have the follower gadget set up because I am still using the old blog format from 2005. I want to hold on to it because I am afraid of messing up my blog. I wouldn't know where to find the time to but it right again.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Hmmmm... Carol. I've read quite a bit of your blog AND Ali's blog (new to both today).. and I think this is just actually a major misunderstanding. You seem to be a loving woman of both people and animals, and she does, too. I think she responded quickly and bluntly, and maybe didn't take the time to see the 'whole' you, and was maybe upset about your having to put the baby pup down... and she does have an injury to her brain which may make her a bit 'unfiltered' in her reactions - who knows? But I think if you didn't know each other, and met each other, you'd probably have more in common than not. Let the hurt feelings and the negative insinuations and comments fly away - don't be the one to continue it. You obviously are full of love, be the generous person that you are...