Saturday, May 1, 2010

" May Flowers "

As you know ~~~ April showers bring May flowers! We had lots of rain in April and the flowers are wonderful ......
This Rose is bowing from all it's blooms ~~~~~

This bed just takes my breath away!
I'm always amazed by the different colored roses a Joseph's Coat turns out !!

The Pond House Amaryllis are just beautiful ~~~~~

WOW !!

I forgot to show this in the last post, we had also planted a Pomegranate Tree

I think that may be fruit bursting out of this bloom ~~~~~~~~~~~

Max is on guard watching the girls free range ...................

Yesterday, my dear friend author Carolyn Haines, picked up her "Harper Lee Award" at a luncheon during "The Harper Lee Festival " in Monroeville, Alabama! This award recognizes Alabama's Distinguished Writer of the Year ~~~~~~~~~

She also was presented a signed copy of " To Kill A Mockingbird " !!
OMG !! I would just be stepping high over that !!!!!!
That's OK Carolyn ~~~ You can live MY dream!