Sunday, January 23, 2011

" I Am So Grateful "

I want to say " Thank You " to all of you who left comments on both my blog and Facebook page. Those who called me, sent e-mails and sent beautiful flowers. I brought the gorgeous pot plants home and will so enjoy having them as a reminder of your thoughtfulness to me and my family in this sad time.
I met several people who say they read the blog but don't ever comment, I thank you and I do hope you will say Hi next time you come by "the porch". I got e-mail from 6 different countries
telling me how they loved my Dad and his music, for this I am grateful. I am most grateful that I was his daughter.

This is a picture display board depicting highlights of Daddy's music career that my son Marty helped me make. We sat it out in the foyer as you came in the door for everyone to enjoy viewing. We thought it very appropriate to place the wreath from his friends George and Nancy Jones next to it.

God Bless you all and please remember to tell your love ones how you feel~~~~
For life is a fleeting thing~~~~~~~~~

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

James O'Gwynn - House of Blue Lovers

My father James O'Gwynn, " The Smiling Irishman of Country Music" passed away this morning @ 6:07 AM. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers ~~~~~~
Daddy you will forever sing in our hearts ! We love you !!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's In Store for 2011 ?

Happy New Year to ALL ! I know most of you are at present Snowed In or Snowed Under !
We have Snow or Ice predicted for later today, we hope for snow rather than ice ! :)
It's been awhile ( 4 weeks ) since I posted. I never seem to catch up around here in a manner that gives me much down time. What little time I have, which comes from going to bed early, I spend reading. My Dad, who will be 83 the 26th of this month is not doing well at all. He's been in and out of the hospital for the past few months. He is there now and we are told he will probably not be able to come back home. We did not get to go to the mountain house for the holidays and don't know when we will get to go back. We did go out to eat with my brother Robert, his wife Babs and their daughter Angela last Sunday and sweet Angela took this pic of me and hubby.

Let's talk about the gifts of Christmas! This is Bubba McNair, the Maltese puppy Hubby got me for Christmas! He does NOT shed and will be our travel companion ~~~~~~~~

One of my favorite gifts was the Rhett Butler doll to go with Scarlett ~~~~~~~~~

I also got this gorgeous Crystal Beverage Server !! Can't wait to fill this with Sweet Iced Tea !

My dear friend Peggy gifted me with a copy of her new book ! I'm not much for Vampires but I'll read this one! I have heard it's really good!

Everyone knows my favorite love is books~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Did I ever get the books!

Francine Rivers is one of my favorite Christian fiction authors and who doesn't love Pat Conroy?

A couple of Civil War journals will make for some interesting reads~~~~~~~~~~~

I've never read Frank Delaney but I love books set in Ireland !!

These books by River Jordan were on my Amazon wish list ! Looking forward to these!

I discovered Robert Whitlow while on vacation in the High Country when I picked up his book Mountain Top @ Black Bear Books in Boone. He is a lawyer/author from Charlotte, NC who is said to be; " John Grisham meets Francine Rivers ". I loved Mountain Top ! I then read a wonderful 3 book series by him titled "the tides of truth " next, I read The List and got the movie from Netflix. I am now reading The Trial which has also been made into a movie.I got this 2 book series for Christmas. I really love his writing! Speaking of books made into movies, can you believe The Help has now been a top ten NYtimes bestseller for 92 weeks? The movie made here last summer will be out in August!

AND~~~~~~~~~~if I don't have enough books to read, the new Samsung Galaxy S android phone Hubby got me has a Kindle on it! HA!

I'm going to try and visit around with you guys today and see what Santa got you, I hope I DON'T get any book ideas ~~~~ I'm knee deep in the written word ~~but love every minute!