Sunday, December 11, 2011


When you're a writer who lives in the big city of Mobile and you need a quite country escape, you find an old farm with an old barn on the Mississippi/Alabama line and turn it into an awesome country home/writer's retreat! put up a Christmas Tree and have a House Warming/Christmas Party to make all your friends go ooh and ahh!

That's just what my friend Misssissippi author RC White (Ruth) and her husband Greg did!

This is a Chandelier Greg made from a table rim and antique glass insulators !! What a talented man! That's Greg in the plaid shirt. That's my hubby standing.

Ruth and Greg have lots of wonderful friends who showed up to celebrate their hard work!

Good food, great conversation, a wonderful time was had by all !!

Ruth is a former English teacher turned novelist and her books are great reads and can be found on Amazon !!!

Have a great week everyone! Get your shopping done and remember why we celebrate this season!!!!! XOXO