Thursday, March 24, 2011

" Physician Heal Thyself " - Part 1

Those of you who read the bible are aware that Luke 4:23 is about NOT condemning others as you are not without faults yourself. For me it has a double meaning in that we ARE the physicians of our own body.
It was a year ago this month that I began to see a real decline in my health. If you recall I got a severe upper respiratory infection that put me on antibiotics, steroids and inhalers. That led to throat cancer symptoms which turned out to be some weird acid reflux that left me on more steroids and Nexium. After all this medication, which I am vehemently opposed to taking, I have been unable to regain my strength and stamina back. I seemed to have no immune system worth anything and the day after my Dad's funeral, I woke up with another severe upper respiratory infection! I decided that I'd had enough of Western Medicine, it was time for the Physician to heal Herself! I began doing research via the Internet, watching health documentaries via TV and Netflix and reading books!

I already believe that alternative medicine IS the way to go, have studied and grown herbs for years. Have an alternative medicine library that would rival most doctors but just didn't practice what I knew. I also did not know half of what I really needed to know!
There is a health show on Dish Network/Veria Channel 218 called The Incurables.
I set my DVR to tape it and have so far watched 18 episodes. The show is about people who have been told by Western Medicine doctors that they had incurable Cancer, MS, Parkinson's. Each of these individuals turned to Alternative Medicine, changed their diet and ARE CURED! Most were stage 4 B cancer patients and some were given as little as 4 weeks to live! Below is one of my favorite episodes about Andy Aubin. Please take the time to watch and be amazed!
Most of them can be viewed via YouTube. Valerie Mason's story is also a great one to watch!
Let me know your opinion please?