Sunday, September 8, 2013

" The Storycatcher " by Author Ann Hite

The agonizing  wait is over ! Tuesday September 10, 2013 Ann Hite's second novel
 " The Storycatcher" hits the shelf of your favorite book store.........

I fell head over heels for 16 year old Shelly Parker in the pages of Ann's first novel " Ghost On Black Mountain"
(which was not only a Townsend Prize Finalist but won  Ann Hite " Georgia Author of the Year 2012 for First Novel")

when Shelly said;

 " we was the only Negroes on the mountain and that made for a mighty lonely life. All I had was Faith Dobbins who made me her baby doll until I got old enough to be her maid"

" The Storycatcher " is Shelly Parkers story. 16 year old Shelly has the "gift of sight" and them dead haint's have been bothering her for as long as she can remember. Sometimes they want to warn her to protect her and sometimes they just aggravate the daylights out of her wanting her help. Shelly does her best to ignore them most of the time but when that Black Mountain haint Arleen Brown decides she wants revenge on her beloved Faith Dobbins sinister daddy by taking over Faith's body, Shelly knows she's in for a fight to save Faith!
So Ann Hite takes us from Black Mountain, NC to the swampy marshes of Coastal Georgia as Shelly and Arleen  join forces to untangle years of lies and murder spanning from the 1930s to the 1980s....
For those of us book lovers who be came Ann Hite "addicts" after reading her first novel
"The Ghost On Black Mountain"  it's like an early Christmas present ! NO ONE among today's authors can out write Ann Hite when it comes to Southern Gothic. A few pages into " The Ghost On Black Mountain" I was saying I think  Ann has channeled the spirits of William Faulkner and Flannery O'Conner to write this book. A few pages into "The Storycatcher " I was convinced she had !!!
Her writing is very literary, beautiful, lyrical, poetic and spellbinding and I am hooked on it !!

You do not have to have read " The Ghost On Black Mountain "to enjoy " The Storycatcher"
it is a stand alone novel but you will enjoy it so much better if you have the back story of Shelly Parker & Faith Dobbins.....