Monday, January 16, 2012

IS America In DEEP S#%T ???????????

As we barrel into 2012, a year of Presidential Election, political guns are blazing and there is much debate about where our nation stands on many different issues. We are NO longer the United States of America........we are as divided as it gets on many levels. Mainly it has turned into a fight between Christians and the Politically Correct. Don't get me wrong, I'm FAR from an expert on politics. What I am is an American and a Christian who is free and independent enough to have my own beliefs and values and mature enough to make my own decisions.....
I heard the expression this week that we may be in Deep Sh#t.........

Yes.....I do think we are in real trouble if not deep sh#t..... We are so busy trying to be politically correct our nation is sinking fast. It reminds me of the house being on fire, the dead bolt is locked and you can't find the key to get out! I look at my FaceBook page everyday and shake my head.
It's like we are all a bunch of dummies without brains, being judged by family, friends and neighbors by our political choices. If you don't believe in abortion, you are against a woman's right to choose! Maybe you are against it because you feel there are thousands of couples out there who yearn for a child and could give this child a life worth living. If you are against Gay marriage you are homophobic! Could be you just think that marriage descends from the bible and because you believe the bible is the word of God, you believe that marriage IS for a man and a woman. I really don't care who chooses to love whom, my job is to love you, not judge you, but it doesn't mean I'm wrong and your right! We are all supposed to be unique individuals but then we want EVERYONE to think alike or they are wrong. If you don't want to follow Christianity that's your right but don't tell me what to believe. Don't tell me that if I'm a Christian I have to vote GOP either!

I do not believe for one minute,( I'm talking my belief not yours here) that any of these clowns running for office are True Christians! I'm sick of the GOP using Christianity to run for office!
Let me also add that President Obama has in no way shown me that he is a True Christian either. What I do believe is, that Christians should wake up and realize that the FIX is not found in Politics and they need to stop being exploited for political gain.

Haley Barbour, the outgoing Governor of Mississippi is a perfect example! I thought Haley had been a great Governor for the past 8 years and might be a good candidate for President in the future till he turned loose a slew of cold blooded murderers and rapist and gave them full pardons! If that wasn't appalling enough, he then gets on TV and claims "WE" believe in forgiveness and second chances. I'm assuming by "WE" he meant himself or the people of Mississippi. First off, he nor the people can offer forgiveness to these criminals, only God and the families of their victims have that right. Second, it was a slap in the face to the Justice System in which jurors had already done their duty!

Then we have the "politically correct" photo below.....
A wonderful young man has gone under a vicious attack for showing his faith on the football field! Yes....people we are in DEEP when we feel the need to verbally attack a young man who has done EVERYTHING right in his life! Yet we think it's OK in the "name of Freedom of Religion" for a religion like Islam who clearly is Hell bent on destroying our nation, to do as they please?
YEP.....we're in Deep Sh#t, blind as bats(bats really aren't blind) stubborn as mules and about to be Gone With the Wind if we're not careful!

This... is what good role models inspire in our children! If you want to get honest with yourselves think about our children, the future of our country. Parents and teachers are no longer allowed to discipline our children it's child abuse. God and prayer has been stripped from our schools and now teachers are being attacked and cursed by 1st graders! The juvenile courts are overloaded and young kids are being tried as adults for murder of other kids and in some cases their own parents and grandparents! Deep sh#t doesn't come close, we are drowning in it!

Where is Christianity in this picture? I would say that the true Christians are in the background on the left, feeding these starving children. Yet the right side portrays the ones who appear to be celebrating the birth of Christ? I am by no means maintaining that I am some holier than thou Christian. What I am is a Christian who is in agony over the state of our nation and fed up with politics! Fed up with seeing on a daily basis people who claim not to believe in God posting over and over about it, downing those who do believe! If you don't believe WHY talk about about it so much, instead of talking about WHAT you do believe ?

NOW.........I want you to meet two people WHO TRULY define what Christianity really is!
This is Chris and Donna Speagle. They operate a food pantry near here called The People's Pantry. They feed those who fall through the cracks. People who work minimum wage jobs and don't qualify for food stamps or those that don't get enough food stamps to feed their family. Children, whose parents spend the family income on drugs or alcohol leaving them hungry. The elderly on fixed incomes. In other words, they emulate Jesus Christ by taking care of the forgotten. They do what they do because they believe that Jesus Christ has given them a calling to do this. They can tell you stories that will break your heart. They can tell how they sent numerous people to churches for help and the churches refused because the husband drank or the mother did drugs. I was so inspired when Chris said; "Jesus didn't tell us to clean them up but instead just to show them love" ! This couple does most of their giving from their own pocket. These two people are my heroes, my role models, my definition of a Christian!

I guess what I'm trying to say here is.......
Because I profess to be a Christian, do not put me in a political category. Do not tell me how to vote. Do not quote scripture to me when you don't even believe in the scripture, the word says the devil can quote scripture! Tell me about your life, your dreams, show me pictures of your family and what excites you. Stop cramming politics down my throat because the truth is.....
Not one of those people in Washington can relate to you or me and they could care less where this country is headed. They have their own political agenda and it has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with money.
Wake Up People... We really are up Sh#t Creek without a paddle !!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see how many FB friends delete me after this..............