Sunday, January 23, 2011

" I Am So Grateful "

I want to say " Thank You " to all of you who left comments on both my blog and Facebook page. Those who called me, sent e-mails and sent beautiful flowers. I brought the gorgeous pot plants home and will so enjoy having them as a reminder of your thoughtfulness to me and my family in this sad time.
I met several people who say they read the blog but don't ever comment, I thank you and I do hope you will say Hi next time you come by "the porch". I got e-mail from 6 different countries
telling me how they loved my Dad and his music, for this I am grateful. I am most grateful that I was his daughter.

This is a picture display board depicting highlights of Daddy's music career that my son Marty helped me make. We sat it out in the foyer as you came in the door for everyone to enjoy viewing. We thought it very appropriate to place the wreath from his friends George and Nancy Jones next to it.

God Bless you all and please remember to tell your love ones how you feel~~~~
For life is a fleeting thing~~~~~~~~~


A Brit in Tennessee said...

There's another angel in heaven, and oh, can he sing !
I have been thinking of you and your family, and hoping this difficult time was more a celebration of life, than a saying farewell.
A lovely tribute of a life's work wel-done, one loved by many people from all corners of the world.
{Hugs} to you friend;

xinex said...

What a wonderful collage of memories and the wreath is beautiful. Again, I am terribly sorry for the loss, Carol. Take care!..Christine

Unknown said...

Also again sending prayers and good wishes for you and your family Carol. The collage looks wonderful; I'm sure your dad is smiling down on you.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

What a wonderful collage you and your son put together to honor your dear sweet daddy. It all looks just beautiful.

I'm still pullin' thoughts together to write about my dad's memorial I've just been goin' through pictures this mornin' and just lost it. Grief is weird!

My prayers are with ya and I know how much your missin' your dad. My dad loved music...maybe there together singin' and dancin' with Jesus! :o)

God bless and have a beautiful day sweetie!!!

steviewren said...

I missed the news of your father's passing. Let me add my condolences to the many you have already received. I'm glad you have such happy memories of him.

Brenda said...

I am so sorry about your dad, Carol. God bless you and your family.

Becca's Dirt said...

What a nice collage of his life. I'm sure he would be proud. You are still in my prayers.

NitWit1 said...

I wrote a comment with the wrong Google ID I think so I again am expressing my condolences on the passing of your father, and quite and extraordinary tribute which makes me think I Know him.

I have been away quite abit. We are installing new ductwork to our 32 year old manufactured home. We had made so many improvements with the idea of fuel efficiency only to find out a important duct had a hole so large a big man's hand could enter it.

And we are still exploring options for my atrial fibrillation which is vagal nerve sensitive as well as paroxysmal so things like cardioversion not a great idea. (electric shock).

It seems my current status is nowhere as severe as many others which is good if we can fix it now, or at least make it very much more controllable, it is in my very best interest.

And one laptop has been returned repaired but the analysis of it shows it will likely fail in one year, if I do not follow instructions given. It was one of a very unforturnate series of HP/NVidia that was total mishaps and subject of two class action lawsuits.

AGAIN MY CONDOLENCES AND PRAYERS. Much of your tribute triggered me to reminisce about my own father whose life revolved around church, family and business.

Ann Summerville said...

I stopped by your blog today - so sorry to hear your news. I hope you have many happy memories.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I had a really tough day yesterday and was thinkin' of you sweetie. How are ya doin'???

Know my prayers are with ya! :o)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I also missed the word of your Dad's passing, Carol. My deepest condolences. Prayers for you and your family! {{ hugs}}}

Callie Brady said...

I haven't been reading blogs lately and I missed the sad news about your Dad. I'm very glad to read that you are surrounded by loving caring friends and family. I would like to add my condolences and send you a hug.

Janet, said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dad. May God bless you and your family.

Margaret Hall said...

I am so sending you my most loving condolences, dear Carol...I hope that your heart can cocoon within his wonderful memories that you share....In Love and Light, Margaret...

Kathryn Magendie said...

How did I miss this sad news?


*Hugging you and hugging You*

I am so sorry . . .

M. Reka said...

I’m sorry for your loss..

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Just thought I'd let you know I was thinking about you, and hope you and yours are all well.
I remembered today was St. Pat's Day, and thought of your dad, I bet he's celebrating in grand style !


I just stumbled on your blog and am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dad.
My husband and I are country music fans.
It's never easy to lose a parent. No matter the circumstance.
Blessings to you.
Writing: the ups and downs
I'm a book lover as well so I'll be back to check out your blog! Come visit me.