Thursday, July 23, 2009

" Fascination "

Who would have ever thought that at my age, I'm totally in the "rusty years"( I do not agree with the term golden years) I could be as fascinated as a child by some seemingly silly things?
Not me for sure, but I am! For instance, this looks like a racket of some kind. It's not, it's a Bug Zapper! It holds two AA batteries and shoots an electric charge to a bug that it comes in contact with! Who thinks up these things? It works like a charm and sells for $12.99!

It seems lately Hubby and I are both fascinated by the unusual clouds that appear every afternoon. He gazes overhead and can predict better than our local weatherman, if we will get rain from them!

I stand in awe gazing with my camera at the shapes and sizes!

They make me want to grab a quilt and lay down and gaze like I remember doing as a child

Trying to find animal shapes.....

Or Angel faces......

The blending colors remind me of abstract paintings

I have become totally fascinated by clouds...

This reminds me of water spouts over the water came down however!

And then there is the mystical foggy mist that magically appears every morning

It fascinates me to no end...

It makes the cattle coming down to graze look like ghostly apparitions...

Moving quietly through the mist...

Talk about fascinating entertainment, a couple of days ago Hubby tells me "something" has been getting in the fish feed stored in his shop. So night before last at about dark thirty we were sitting on the screen porch and low and behold here come 2 huge coons out from under the foot high gap he leaves open on the shop door for TC our cat to hunt rats. So last night, we close the door and set a pan of fish feed in front of it under the light. Dark thirty like clock work, there they come. This was the best shot I could get. Those dark figures are two coons bigger than Jake and Sadie! We missed our favorite show " Ghost Hunters" to watch the coons ! HA! How's that for entertainment?

I'm fascinated too by the fact that this steer was so ugly when he was born I named him Masquerade because his face looked like a carnival mask. He's turning out to be a fairly handsome guy now!

It is a fascinating thing to have a 1400 pound bull like Bochephus come up to you ever day and eat out of your hand! Harley, our former bull weighed 2400 and did the same thing! Fascinating!

I can't leave out Guinea Pearl. He/She, we don't know which, showed up here about 2 years ago and thinks it's one of the Mallard ducks! This critter is full of antics like walking sideways and jumping straight up that are fascinating to watch!

The fledglings. This couple raises two sets of babies in this spot every year, this year they had a total of 11. Every evening all 11 come and roost beside the old nest on the ledge. I couldn't get a picture of them all lined up but got these. I'm fascinated by this yearly process!

My greatest fascination has to be the "fat boys". I thought they would never be able to sit or walk because they really were obese for little puppies! They are filling out now and playing and walking around some. Yesterday, Hoss barked and scared himself! He didn't know he could do that!

Have you ever considered just how fascinating it is that we can can fresh food in ways that allows us to have them year around. Hubby pulled up the tomato vines yesterday morning as they had quit blooming and gathered the green ones off. I made Hot Garlic Green Tomatoes. I added carrots to the tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh dill, hot peppers and spices.

I got 6 pints...Can't wait to get into these as a side to sandwiches.

Tah Dah! Those 6 pints filled the cabinet! I did good didn't I?

I took the bigger ones, sliced them, put them on a cookie sheet and placed them in the freezer long enough to glaze over where they don't stick together.

Then I vacum sealed them with my Food Saver machine. Thawed out and battered and fried
this winter, they will taste just like off the vine Fried Green Tomatoes! YUM! I got eight bags of these!

Another thing that fascinates me is how one flower bloom dries and makes so much seed!
I got this pack of Columbine from the GSMNP yesterday in my packet from renewing my membership. I have been a supporter of The Great Smoky Mountain National Park for many years and consider the $30.oo yearly fee, money well spent to be able to enjoy the beauty of the park.I know it will never be as gorgeous as the pictures KB at Romping and Rolling in the Rockies blog, takes of the wild Columbine, but I hope it will at least allow me to have some!

This is seed I've collected from some of my flowers. Lots of Zinnia, Bachelor Buttons and Fox Glove to plant in the late fall!

I told you the other day about ordering myself a new bed reading lamp. It came yesterday and I am just fascinated by the ability to adjust my light for bedtime reading which lately has been my only reading time.

It has a dimmer switch which is fabulous! So what fascinates you in your life? Ever thought about it?

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments! I read them and laugh, smile and think how lucky I am to have the best blog followers out there. Others have even told me that too! I'm trying to visit everyone and comment but time is sparse right now, but soon I'll be able to "get around" more often! Have a great day and find some fascination in your life!!


jeannette stgermain said...

I'm drooling by now!
My fascination with clouds and other "strange" things has stayed with me no matter what age!Actually very few things are strange in my eyes:)

Reader Wil said...

Your photos are getting better and better! And fascinating too! But the best photos are those of the two "big" babies! How wonderful that they have their eyes open and started barking! Lovely. I also like the misty photos!

willow said...

Love Masquerade!

Medora said...

Oh, the cow made me hungry!

I am always fascinated by stupid little things - my kids love it. I'm very ADD and will shift from delight in one meaningless dumb thing to another.

Great pictures!

Dirt Princess said...

Well glad I'm not the only one fascinated by the little things! I love the mist pictures. I loved this post!

Pastor Sharon said...

All those cloud pictures are beautiful. However, it is Masquerade that has my attention. He is such a handsome guy! Who would have thought the ugly "ducking" or calfling could turn out to be such a handsome BigDaddy?
Now about those green tomatoes....cook em up and send em over. Or just send em on dry ice! Everytime you post tomatoes, I go to the produce stand and get more!!!! It's getting to be an epidemic here!!! Just kidding.
You guys have a beautiful harvest.

Love those fat boys! They are too cute and sweet!

Anonymous said...

Lady, with all that canning and gardening you're doing, RUSTY is one thing you AREN'T!

Didn't know you could do that with green tomatoes. I'll try it!

Love all your critter names. :) I think people who name their farm animals are special indeed.

lakeviewer said...

You have reached a good point in your life, appreciating the little things and natural events. You are a lucky, wise woman.

Gaston Studio said...

I, too, have always enjoyed those little unexpected joys of life, especially in nature; I think it helps to keep us young, aware and wise.

Susan said...

Holy Cow ! Raccoon, Puppy, Pea Hen etc... What an amazing chock full o'life post. Made me so happy reading it. Rock on Carol & Hubby. Rock on !

and oh that preserves cupboard sigh ...

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

You did do good!
I know just what to do with those green tomatoes :-)

Deb Shucka said...

Great pictures. I love your clouds. And the pups. And your bovine boys.

Elizabeth Bradley said...


You are so busy I'm amazed that you find time to blog! Awesome tip about freezing the green tomatoes, it's true you learn something new every day.

Vicki Lane said...

The green tomato trick is a new one on me -- thanks!

Cynthia said...

Yes, it is a fascinating life, Carol. I, too, am amazed my innovations. Your summer bounty will be such a treat in the winter, and aren't you clever to find so many neat and organized ways to preserve them. What a country life you are leading. It's beautiful and so are your chubby puppies. <3

Morning's Minion said...

Such an interesting post--a really delightful picture story. How can anyone ever be bored? There is so much to watch, to recored, to wonder about. The sharing part of it is exciting as well--it makes me think that blogging friends could meet and simply start talking where our blogs leave off.

Renie Burghardt said...

Carol, you're simply amazing! I love the cloud pictures, Masquerade, and everything else in this post.

Got loads of coons around here, and I have a white pet possum! He is so sweet. Comes up on the railing to take a hot dog from my hand. If he didn't, the coons just wouldn't let him have anything, as he is too slow, compared to them. Animals are such a delight. Well, actually, all of Nature is, isn't it? I am writing just about that very subject, and have a deadline looming, so late to bed for me tonight.

Great post, as usual. Enjoy reading by your amazing new reading light.

Night, Night, sweet Carol!



Anonymous said...

Carol, it was like a visit to your home with all the clouds, Nature, food and animals galore! I always love someone to explore the day as you have...Those two fat boys are just precious! I could just hug them...Will you part with them or will they become enveloped within the family?...Thanks for sharing....

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Well, you learn something everyday !
I would like one of those "splatters", I must look for one ;)
You have been busy with the much work, but won't they be delicious on a winter morn.
A BIG bull...but sweet, and Masquerade is a fitting name for the black and white faced fella. He looks like he's in mime :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

So many things are fascinating --all around us, Carol.. Sometimes we keep our blinders on and don't see life as it happens. I too love to look at the clouds and look for certain shapes.

We have raccoons --and possums---and SKUNKS around here. SO--we don't leave anything out where something will eat it!!!!

I don't think of myself as rusty--although my bones do ache at times. BUT--my life is truly GOLDEN now... Love it!!!!!

Hope you have had a great day.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

So many things to fascinate in these pictures. Hours spent on the clouds alone. Admiring the hard work put into the neat rows of fresh canning. The new life in the calf and the puppies. Much to see in a days time. Enjoyed it.

Sandi McBride said...

You done Carol! I freeze my green tomatoes, too...but at the end of the season...and I also wrap them in newspaper and store them in a box in the pantry...we have ripe tomatoes up til January! I love your canning turnout...I may try that mixture, myself. Glad to hear that your Procedure went pretty well...I agree, the night before is a nightmare, lol!

Tiffany Norris said...

These pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing! And I just want to snuggle those baby puppies. Makes me want another one.

Patience-please said...

I learned to look at clouds because my husband is a landscape artist. He would see such beauty in clouds. Now I do too!

Oh I miss our farm. Thanks for sharing yours.

JStantonChandler said...

First off, thanks for commenting on my humble blog offerings. They always make me smile!

I could watch clouds forever! I love the way the twist and turn and go from dragon to horse to bowling waves in a matter of minutes.

The mist over your pond IS magical! It reminds me of the mornings I spent in Ireland. Every morning for two weeks I was greeted by the same fog. I'm certain it was the same fog, because it was so friendly and comforting.

As for the bug zapper, I laughed right out loud when I saw it on your post! When I first saw them in Wal-Mart, I rolled my eyes and thought, "What a stupid idea!" Then I went to India and the only way to take a shower was to get the tennis racket bug zapper and wave it in the shower stall for about 10 minutes in order to kill enough of the little buggers so you could actually get to the faucet!

Happy weekend and stay fascinated :)

Linda Stubbs said...

Thanks for coming by prairie flower farm. I am so glad you got to sign up! I love giveaway's. Your garden produce looks beautiful and the canning cupboard is just beautiful!!! I have an old little jelly jar cupboard.
Blessings and sign up for our email at the top right if you want to hear when we do a new post. Linda

Leigh Russell said...

What a busy life you lead - and you still have time to post photos of all those beautiful clouds. Must go and have a snack now. All those jars have made me hungry! Feel free to come and visit my blog if you have time.

crochet lady said...

A bug zapper, cool. You have so many interesting things on your blog!

I love the clouds, it is one my favorite pastimes on fuffy cloud days to use my imagination and look for shapes.

Your canned goods look great! I didn't know you could freeze green tomatoes. They don't get mushy?

Cindy said...

Great post Carol. I loved reading it and the photos. I love looking at clouds too. It's fun to find the different shapes and faces in them. Have a great weekend. ~Cindy

Shelby said...

Good mornin'! Hey, I'm a mississippi gal too (but I currently live in Alabama).. loved your post and enjoyed the visit.

tomatoes are THE best - as is cloud watching and just being overall curious 'bout things.

cheers and happy weekend :)

Janet, said...

You have a wonderful place. I've got 2 of those bug zappers, they are kind of neat.

Leigh Russell said...

Thank you very much for visiting my blog, Carol. Cut Short is available on from 1at August so not long now! I hope you read and enjoy it. Please come back and let me know what you think of it. It's had great reviews on so far - but it's early days...

Cynde L. Hammond said...

Hi, Carol!

I love all of your photos! Your canned good look amazing and I adore those cows. Furthermore, my husband and I just got a new little reading light for over our bed, too, and I hadn't even thought of posting it, but I will now, so come on over and take a peek, will you?

While you're there, would you please let me know what you think of my interview with fantasy/fiction author, "Aylerion", over here?

Also, don't miss out on your chance at winning one of three FREE autographed copies of "Aylerion's" novel entitled: "Daughter of New York". The CONTEST details and entry site are here.

Once again, I really enjoyed your article, Carol!

See you soon,
Cynde's Got The Write Stuff

steviewren said...

Your pups are fat little boys. Hoss must have wondered why you were laughing at that strange noise he made. I'm envious of your cabinet of canned goods. Yummy!