Friday, July 3, 2009

29 Days Without Rain

They are saying that this is the hottest and driest summer on record in South Mississippi. I believe it! We have not had rain since June 4th and we have endured 13 days of over 100 degrees. The Bay St. Louis Seafood Festival is tomorrow on the coast and we had planned to go then changed our mind because of the heat, but since they have gotten late afternoon thunderstorms for the past two days, we are considering again going in hopes of seeing what rain looks and feels like! HA! When I sat down to do this post, one the Hummers showed up!

This green one is my favorite....

I try to change the nectar every two or three days because of the heat....
Sadie and the pups are doing great. We renamed them after Curly passed. The HUGE white/spotted one is now " Hoss Cartwright " and the brown one has been named by Aunt Wilma, John Wayne but will be called " Duke". Hoss and Duke are sweeties!

Jake who is a fur ball, was shedding like a crazy man so he went yesterday for his summer haircut.........

He looks like a poodle now. Cutest thing you've ever seen. We laughed till we couldn't when I brought him in. Sadie thought a strange dog had gotten in the room with her babies and she nearly attacked him. It took her forever to realize it was Jake-A-Boo !

I canned tomatoes again yesterday. I had planned to make Chow/Chow but just decided to do plain tomatoes. The next batch will be Chow/Chow. Today I'm dealing with all these cukes and canning more of Colorado Lady's Refrigerator Pickles. We have already eaten a quart of the ones I did the other day! I had this pan of tomatoes ready to can....

While another batch cooled in the sink.

I ended up with 2 quarts and 12 pints

Cabinet is filling up fast!

I have the greatest followers in all of blogworld!


lakeviewer said...

Ouch! That's way too hot! Glad to know your pups are doing well; that you are constantly busy with preserving, that the hummers enjoy visiting you, that the seafood festival might have some rain to cool things off. Have a great 4th.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Sorry about the heat. We have endured several years of drought...until this I know how icky that can be. Praying for rain for you!!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Thanks Rosaria! A Happy 4th to You!

Pamela...I remember your drought problems, the Tennessee Senate got heated because there was talk of changing state lines around Chattanooga so Georgia could access water!

Janet, said...

I love the names Hoss and Duke. Here's wishing you some of our rain and a happy 4th.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Got a blessed drenching last night! Hope it comes y'alls' way next. This has been the hottest dryest summer I remember.

Happy 4th!

crochet lady said...

Wow, you are really hot and dry in Miss. You must have to do a lot of watering to have your garden producing so well.

I plan to can tomatoes this year too, if they would ever appear! The shift in varient temps have not been good for them. Today it is 85 and sunny, good growing weather.

Happy 4rth!

Glynis said...

Same temps but no rain since March, here in Cyprus. Water cuts for the summer so the tourists get water will be around the corner.
Your crop and harvest is good!

Arkansas Patti said...

We have had your heat here but more rain. Sometimes feel like a shut in when it tops 100.
Hoss is a horse. He must be getting all the groceries.
I had a peke that I just loved. He snored like a grown man. They do know how to entertain.

steviewren said...

Carol, I wish you had some of our Alabama weather today. It is perfect! The temp is only 88 (can you say miracle?). The skies is true blue. There is a wonderful breeze. Very little humidity. In a nutshell, we are having atypical June weather. Gotta love it while it lasts!

And to top it all off, my dear son who is in town visiting, fixed my water faucet in the front yard, so I can water my flowerbed for the first time in a couple of years. Every year I would plant flowers only to watch them die when it stopped raining mid summer. Yahoo!

Carolyn said...

Keep cool. I spent another day in the creek with the kids. I thought of you down there in the heat.

I'm thinking for tomorrow...lots of ice cream.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

We are having perfect 80 degree no humidity days for the past two at least, I could get used to this, but know it won't last...
We need rain.
The puppies are getting big, make sure momma has plenty nutrients, has the vet suggested anything ?
Wishing you a wonderful July 4th, I'll be working :(

Medora said...

Wow - the hummingbird pic was a great catch. They are hard to capture.

NitWit1 said...

29 days without rain is a long stretch. We've had rain but the heat negates its benefit.

Glad Hoss and Duke are thriving.

Hope it rains where needed, even the St. Louis Seafood Festival.

We've had a few thundershowers, but Missouri has more general coverage of rainl

Happy 4th to you.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

My oldest son's name is Jake, so now your Jake is my favorite puppy. Oh man, my step-mother used to "put up" tomatoes and I never learned how and now she's gone,(lost to breast cancer), I sure envy you your cabinet full of goodness! I'll do a little rain dance for you. We're used to going for long periods of time without rain here in So.California.

Happy 4th, Elizabeth

Renie Burghardt said...

Poor Carol, I hope some rain comes your way soon! Of course, we need rain as well,and it's in the forecast for tonight, and looking cloudy already. It may even rain some tomorrow, which will put a bit of a damper on the 4th doings, but we'll still be at the cabin, come what may.

Jake is just the cutest with his hair cut. If you ever wanna give him away, I want him!

And guess what, I have the first 4 ripe tomatoes from my little garden patch. Yay!

My older son is on his way from Ohio, younger son from Arkansas, and along with a couple of guests, we'll be celebrating this weekend.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Happy Independence Day!

Hugs and rain showers for you!


Vicki Lane said...

Sending rain wishes your way! Do you all use the pond for irrigation?

willow said...

We've been enjoying our hummingbirds this summer, too.

I'm doing my rain dance over here. Hope it helps! :^)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry about your heat and lack of rain. We've had a mild week here --after a very hot couple of weeks before. I wish I could bottle these 70 degree temps. It's just PERFECT. But--we could use some rain also. They say we may get some on Sunday.

Hope you get to go to Bay St. Louis. Don't forget to take your camera if you go. I want to see a very WET Carol!!!! ha

Have a wonderful 4th. Love the new names of your babies.
P.S. If you run out of cabinet room for your jars of canned tomatoes, etc. ---I'll take the extras off of your hands. HA!!!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Hope you get your rain and have a lovely 4th of July. Puppies look gorgeous that Hoss is a real wee guzzler lol

Reader Wil said...

Wonderful that the little ones are doing so well, Carol! Goodness, you are busy and that all when the temperature is so high! Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Traci said...

I am trying to grow a little "salsa" garden this year...did I mention I have a BROWN thumb? So far, I've got..............BLOOMS! I figure about the first frost I might have somewhat of a Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and on the hummingbirds, if you stand there really still.....and put your finger on the feeder, where they perch...they will perch on your finger!!! I've chalked that up as one of the most amazing events in my life...getting a hummingbird to sit on my finger!!!