Saturday, July 4, 2009

4 th Of July Flowerworks !!!

Today is the United States of Americas' official Birthday! The day we celebrate our freedom!
Freedom to live our lives to the fullest in the way we choose! I am proud to be an American!!
Thankful to have the freedom live on a farm and raise beef I know has not been injected with antibiotics and growth hormones, vegetables with no pesticides. The freedom to grow and enjoy flowers of every color and shape. The freedom to browse the blogworld and enjoy all the wonderful creativity of not only my fellow Americans, but that of friends from around the world!
America has come along way in 233 years and still has a ways to go before the Declaration of Independence is truly a piece of paper that speaks the truth, a nation where ALL people are created and treated as equals! Instead of a fireworks display, I offer you a colorful display of flowers from Swiftwater Farm!

Weeping Hibiscus

Josephs Coat Rose

Bachelor's Buttons

Double Bloom Peach Hibiscus

Red Mandavillia

Lavender Crape Myrtle

Morning Glory

Pale Pink Knockout Rose buds

Hot Pink Knockout Rose


Orange Canna

Coral Geranium

Orange/yellow Marigolds

White Crape Myrtle

Hot Pink Canna

Hubby gathers tomatoes in the dawn's early light

Yesterday, I freely canned these Refrigerator Pickles

And enjoyed a long visit from this Hummer

There were actually two but two are just to fast to capture

I do not know why they fight over the feeder

I never let it run out of nectar

Oh well, this is America where everyone has an opinion



Cynthia said...

Good morning, Carol, and what a lovely day you are having. Wonderful to see you celebrating your/our freedom in the land "where everyone has an opinion"-even hummingbirds! :-) Love the color and zest of your post- and please won't you pass a pickle? <3

Carolyn said...

Your flowers are better than fireworks. I am happy there are others who enjoy the spot they're in.

Happy 4th.

Reader Wil said...

Hi Carol! Let's be happy for the freedom to browse the blogworld and enjoy all the wonderful creativity of not only my fellow Americans, but that of friends from around the world! I say "Amen" to that! Well said, Carol.

lakeviewer said...

Are those your cattle? You are in heaven, aren't you? And loving all that hard work? Happy 4th!

Patience-please said...

Beautiful flowers! Thank you for sharing.

NitWit1 said...

And we can express our opinions, provided they are not filled with threats, without fear of recrimination.

I have several friends who immigrated in my lifetime. I love to hear them detail their journeys. The immigrants I now did the process legally, learned the language, applied and eventually pass the citizenship test (which many of us might not pass, and had jobs, some jobs we natives would not take.

JoyceAnn said...

Happy 4th of July !

Elizabeth Bradley said...

We Americans are an opinionated bunch, aren't we? As usual, I enjoyed your pix! Have a great holiday.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful 'fireworks' display, Carol. Love your Joseph's Coat Rose. We have a couple which are similar.

That Mandavilla is beautiful... I'm partial to reds.

Hope you all have a marvelous 4th.

Vicki Lane said...

Happy Fourth, Carol!

crochet lady said...

Happy 4rth dear blog friend.

Absolutely love those Joseph's Coat Roses!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Happy Independence Day to you and yours !
I like the flowers better than fireworks...not near as smelly and no burned fingers ;)
I still have seen the first hummingbird, I suppose my house is off the "A" list this year...hhhmmm

Janet, said...

Happy 4th of July flowerworks!! Beautiful flowers. I love being an American and I love celebrating the 4th of July! We are so lucky to live here in the USA.

Thea said...

Happy 4th! Love the flower pics. They are just as pretty as fireworks, and don't scare dogs.

Lady Katherine said...

Your flowers are lovely! I use to keep a hummingbird feeder! I seen them at my flowers! I need to go buy a new one! I playing catch up. I had four grandchildren all under five years of age for 12 hours a day. I been exhausted. The puppies are so sweet! I just love them. So sorry about the passing. I know it was heartbreaking. I love your cows and pic of hubby with the water hose. Love the pickles and the tomatoes you have put up! Great cabinet for them. The bad commenter, we all get one every now and then. You should see a trash box by their comment and delete it, then it will ask if you want to (forever)and they can't comment on your blog. Just make sure you hit the trash can by their comment, or you will delete someone you want. Happy Fourth!

Renie Burghardt said...

Here! Here! Carol! Beautifully said, and the flower works are every bit as beautiful and colorful as fireworks.

Just got home from the cabin, but we're going back to watch fireworks on the river, in a bit. Boats go cruising by, tossing them in the air. First I got to feed the stock (cats, dogs, deer, wild turkeys) and do some watering. We never did get more than a small shower.

I hope your 4th of July was enjoyable. I know it was appreciated!

Patriotic Hugs!


NCmountainwoman said...

I'm just getting caught up. I was so sorry to hear about the puppy, but I wondered when he was born whether or not he had a cleft palate as well. So sorry, since I know you grew to love him in his short life.

I love your comments about being a proud American. Well said! And the flowers are lovely.