Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alaska Cruise - Day 6 & 7- Ketchikan & Victoria BC

It's now Day 6th of our Alaskan Cruise. At 6:00AM July 19th we dock in gorgeous Ketchikan, the 1st Alaskan City and Salmon Capital of the World..........

And.....it's raining! Since we were the first ship this season to experience dry weather in Juneau, Skagway and Tracy Arm, we weren't about to complain......

This was our favorite city of the cruise, the atmosphere is wonderful!

And....since Ketchikan is Alaska's rainiest city, it was perfect!

At 7:20 we met to board the bus for our excursion to the historic..........

Our driver dropped us off and we commenced to walk down 79 stair steps to the lodge....
Not so bad, it's the coming back up that gets you!

Where we boarded this boat for our Dungeness Crab catch..........

Here is a collage of "the brave" holding the crabs from our pot. Grandson Chris helps the guide pull the pot up... Now this was a hoot and we had fun!

We then cruised back to the lodge.....

To enjoy our
" all- you- can- eat" Crab Feast!
Dungeness Crab is the best thing I've ever tasted, I put it ahead of the best Lobster out there!
They had to run us off!

The bad part was we had to be back on ship by 12:00 PM, which left us 10 minutes to shop in town. We were so disappointed as Ketchikan is where you shop for Alaskan Made Items. :(

DAY 7............Victoria, BC
We were at sea most of the day but headed downstairs at 4:45 to watch son Todd who was in the top 3 of the talent contest that had gone on every night, belt out an awesome version of the song "Free Falling". He actually lost the contest by one vote to a girl from NJ who sang a Celine Dion song. ( Debi Greene you should have stayed and voted! HA! )
We actually were hoping a 92 year old woman named Georgie from Washington State would win it.

At 7:00 PM we docked in Victoria, BC......
We did not plan an excursion here since we were departing @ midnight and had to be back on ship @ 11:30 PM. There was so much packing to do after dinner since we had to have all our luggage out in the hall by midnight.

I took this pic of our fabulous dining room waiter Noel on our last night. He was just amazing every night and we actually were sad to leave him! He posed in front of the "Baked Alaska".

I want to say a special " THANK YOU " to son Todd, wife Lori & family for giving us the gift of visiting the most beautiful place we've ever seen...........

We are totally in LOVE with her.........and we're already planning to take a trip back by air and stay at least 2 weeks!!!!

If you've never been............GO! RUN! WALK! FLY! CRUISE! JUST GO!


Vicki Lane said...

What a trip!

NitWit1 said...

So glad to see you made the wonderful cruise. My husband was stationed in AF in Alaska, and doesn't have any desire to see it, but I know it is beautiful from many others.

In fact glad to see you blogging again. Most of my reading list seems to be on hiatus, and I have had to forego some dedication, as my A-Fib makes my energy level low and deters my doing just everyday duties.

I might be able to talk him into a cruise as he ended up retiring from the Navy.

We will be in Plattsburgh NY soon for a USS Henley ship reunion, and the War of 1812 festival. I think this was my husband's first ship after enlisting in Navy.

Then we hope to go into Canada to see Niagara Falls, but we are having extreme problems with getting him a Pass Card in these post 9/11 days; his courthouse birth certificate does not jive with the Bureau of Vital Statistics in SC. He enlisted 3 times in the military and got married with that certificate, but in these post 9/11 days it is invalid. Guess I am not married. Hmmmmm.

Then we come home and I will have a heart procedure known as pulmonary Vein ablation, as I have developed A-Fib. 1 in 4 persons develop this in old age. I have always been the exception in statistics.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

My husband and I loved Alaska. And crab, so rich. Delicious.

I'm so glad you took this trip.

Unknown said...

What a nice trip, I certainly love to read and look at your blog. Thanks for everything!

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Debra said...

We went several years ago and enjoyed it very much! These post make me want to go back!