Thursday, May 21, 2009

" The Sun Has Risen "

The gray skies and darkness have gone! I don't know where it
came from or where it went.............
I just hope it never returns!
It was its own form of Hell!!

I saw the sunrise this morning, though it wasn't
an Appalachian Sunrise like
was beautiful !

I so appreciate all the candid comments and
concern from all of you wonderful people.........

You all deserve a gift.......................

I felt awful yesterday and had a 9: A.M Mammogram!!
I forced myself to go....yuk!
Afterwards I strolled the mall...found nothing to lift my spirits.
I then went to Tuesday Morning where I decided to act on the
goal I've had for awhile of redoing the bed linens on our bed.
It so happened, I found just what I wanted! (will show later)
It did nothing to lift my mood though.....
I then decided to visit our local animal shelter.
We've been discussing getting another dog.
Maybe an Australian Shepherd, Blue Healer or Border Collie.
One, we could train to help with the cattle.
I found the most beautiful Aussie female and was ready
to take her home. She was full blood and precious!
I went into the office and they told me she had severe
case of heart worms and it would be very costly to treat.
I was even sadder then! I came home and we went out to
eat.I did not enjoy the meal.................
This morning when I awoke, I felt fine! Like a new person!
My son-in-law Randy sent me an e-mail yesterday that had
this in it.....
I think most of you know exactly what this means. I thought it was
great! The Randy& Melanie listed at the top is NOT my R & M.

Click on it. you can read it better................

AGAIN....................Thank You!!


Jeannette StG said...

That sunrise is stunning!!!
Carol, don't worry too much about it, almost everyone has a periods where they feel blah about everything.
Would be good to find out, why now?
It could be a string of events, it could be situations around you, it may be the time in your life - it could be so many things. If you like to write, my email is castlestgermain(at)hotmail(dot)com Whatever you do, don't keep walking around with it:)

Missy B. said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Carol...and the newspaper article. I am so happy that you are feeling better! (((hugs)))

Reader Wil said...

I agree with Jeannette! The sunrise is breath taking! The colours are like a fairytale's.I hope that you feel better now and not depressed, even if that's normal once in a while.

Renie Burghardt said...


I am so happy to read that the clouds have lifted, and a beautiful sunrise has emerged not only in the skies, but in your soul as well. Love the drug problem piece. Thank you for the flowers. They're lovely. I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Huggies and blessings,


Vicki Lane said...

So glad the clouds are gone and joy is visible again!

ceecee said...

So very, very glad you're feeling better. That 'drug' story was a riot!

crochet lady said...

Thank God for the sunrise!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Well I'm just glad that you feel better now. Sometimes it just has to work its way OUT of you...All of us females have to have our Pity Parties.

Still praying for you...

I_am_Tulsa said...

That newspaper article is hilarious and so true...
I am happy you are happy and thank you for the beautiful sunrise (I like the ocean picture too!).

Anonymous said...

the one thing i've found that lifts my spirits after a mammogram is a cosmopolitan :o)

Janet said...

so glad to hear you are over your depression. I love the newspaper article, it is so true.