Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow ?

The weatherman says we are under a winter storm watch and could get one to two inches of Snow ! Hattiesburg ( I actually live 15 miles East of there) is located 70 miles from the Gulf
Coast of Mississippi, Snow is not a common thing. We did however get a dusting last February
but I can assure you the temp had not been 70 degrees the day before as it was yesterday.
Since I am a Tennessee Girl at heart, I say; "Let It Snow, Let It Snow,Let It Snow!" I'll just put a big pot of soup, grab a book and read!
I got a e-mail this morning from one of my favorite Authors Sharyn Mc Crumb telling me she is at work on a new book in her Ballad Series ! I hooped so loud the dogs went berserk thinking a booger had got me! For those of you not familar with her Ballad Novels, give yourself a Christmas present. As I wrote yesterday, these North Carolina writers have special talent !
My love of Sharyn's writing has lead me to find other great writers such as Robert Morgan
Vicki Lane and Wayne Caldwell to name a few. All of these writers are superb at making you fall in love with their characters and hunger for more. The sad part is, they cannot write as fast as their readers can read!

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Vicki Lane said...

It's like spending days in the kitchen preparing a holiday feast only to see it disappear in no time.