Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nature, An Artist At Work

A wonderful Artist has visited the South this morning, Nature ! The white paint is falling in big, wet drops. Making ordinary evergreens look like decorated Christmas Trees. The Oleanders have become ballet dancers bowing on a huge white stage, the road has become a memory. Our farm has been transferrred into an entirley different landscape.

The weather man was correct, the snow arrived ! An inch lays gracefully on everything in site
and it looks as though Mother Nature has no thoughts of quitting anytime soon. Isn't it amazing how quite everything gets when it snows? It's as though she places a finger to her lips and
whispers, "shush... I'm creating Magic"!
My sister-in-law in New Orleans called to say; her grandchildren are seeing Snow for the first
time. How delightful for children to see snow for the first time!
I made a huge pot of soup yesterday so I am content to sit, read and eat a bowl of hot soup later as I watch this artist at work. Life is so good today and I'm thrilled to be alive!


Jessica James said...

Beautiful writing about something we in the north take for granted (and sometimes hate).
I do always love the FIRST snowfall, but the second and third and fourth get a little irritating.
Thanks for making me see it in a different light!

Shirley Johnson said...

Carol, that is beautiful. You have a wonderful way with words. And I'm glad that someone can enjoy snow. I've seen it for too many years and all the problems it brings to us up north. So you enjoy it for me, too.

Carol Murdock said...

Jessica and Shirl..........
I know you northern girls are not to fond of it....been there myself
but now I know it is but for a fleeting moment,so I am delighted
to see it!