Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Ghost On Black Mountain" by Ann Hite

This debut novel....will blow you away!
I recently got a real good laugh when I read this comment on FaceBook by a well known author:
"these days it seems anyone with a keyboard thinks they can review books"

I was born in the "land of writers"...Mississippi is a who's who of Southern Lit.........
William Faulkner, Eudora Welty,Willie Morris,Ellen Gilchrist,Barry Hannah, Elizabeth Spencer, Shelby Foote, Alice Walker, Walker Percy,Tennessee Williams, Richard Wright, Nevada Barr, Carolyn Haines, Charlaine Harris, Greg Iles, Melinda Haynes, John Grisham, Kathryn Stockett and Donna Tartt are just a fraction of the list.........

Having read everyone of these authors throughout my life along with countless others from the south yes,
I think I and my keyboard are qualified to review books.
Being qualified and doing are two different things my Mother would have said. I read lots of good books but I only review books that leave me feeling loss when they're over. Books I consider worthy of remembering not only the book but the author as well. When a true book lover reads a book she or he wants everyone to read, they've found a treasure !!!!!

I found treasure this week in this debut novel from Georgia author Ann Hite! I was so blown away by her prose, I lay the book down, went in search of Eric and said;
" this woman has channeled William Faulkner as her muse, she's a female Faulkner"
Throw in a dash of Ron Rash, Sharyn McCrumb, Flannery O'Conner and Sue Monk Kidd and you have.... ANN HITE !

"Ghost" is set in Black Mountain, NC, Asheville, NC and Darien, GA..............
Told though the strong voices of 6 women linked together forever by the love,betrayal and evil deeds of one handsome, dastardly mountain man Hobbs Prichard................

Nellie; " he looked so far off I was afraid he might never come back"

Josie; " it's a weakness trying to keep our daughters from making the same mistakes. But I didn't make one bit of difference, I didn't stop one thing"

Shelly; " we was the only Negroes on the mountain and that made for a mighty lonely life. All I had was Faith Dobbins who made me her baby doll until I got old enough to be her maid "

Rose; " she was prettier than me. If I had to compare myself to this girl, I was an elephant dressed up in ribbons and satin to disguise my tough hide"

Iona;" it would take me years before I came to understand that every thought that came out of my head had rolled downhill from something she tried to instill in me for better or worse"

Annie; " a mother has no business living with her daughter. I might tell some important secret when I start to lose my mind"

Hobbs Prichard's evil deeds cause spirits to roam Black Mountain and these women are the ones they haunt!!

Below is a trailer for the book set to Mississippi Delta Blues which I have no doubt pleases Faulkner............ :)


Linda@VS said...

Writing book reviews takes a lot of time, and I salute you for doing it. I've learned quickly that if you like a book, I probably will, too.

Carol Murdock said...

Linda, I write reviews because I want to salute the authors who not only entertain me with their hard work, but introduce me to people, places and thoughts that change my life for the better!
Thank you for the sweet compliment!

NCmountainwoman said...

You know how I love to read books set in North Carolina's mountains. Thanks for another to add to my list. I just finished Sharyn McCrumb's "Ballad of Tom Dooley" and Charles Frazier's "Nightwoods." Loved both of them.

Carol Murdock said... will love it!
I've got "Nightwoods" and it think it comes tomorrow !I bet it's a good one! XO

Susie Swanson said...

Gotta have it, since I'm from N.C. I read all I can get my hands on. I live in the far Western county of N.C.

Vicki Lane said...

Oh, that does sound good! And there are reviewers and reviewers -- the trick is to find one whose tastes are similar to your own. And a reviewer who really loves reading -- that would be you, Carol!

Carol Murdock said... NEED to read this book!
NC is one of the best settings for a good book and a NC mountain setting makes it awesome. We all know those mountains hold lots of secrets and I love it when a good author lets them out!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Reviewers like you keep authors like me 'visible' and we feel appreciated as well - and I am grateful, thankful, that you review (and adore) books!

Carol Murdock said...

Vicki....thanks! I review for those people like myself who are always in search of another great read. I can always count on you to write a book I want to tell others about. I think Ann's book will be right up your alley too! XO

Carol Murdock said...'s writers like you, Vicki and Ann who make me LOVE reading and Reviewing! XO

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh darlin, don't every let anyone tell ya that you can't write a bang~up review!!!

I've written a couple and have two simmerin' on the back burner right now. I do tend to intertwine other things into my reviews. Everybody's entitled to their opinion.

Thanks so much for the head's up on this book...I'm still compiling my winter snowed in by the fire reads. :o)

God bless ya sweetie and have an extraordinary day!!!

Carol Murdock said...

Nezzy !!!!!!!!!!
This is perfect for your snowed in by the fire days! It's up there with
" The Help " in the "gotta read" category and there will be a movie!

NitWit1 said...

Just finished THE HELP and WATER FOR THE ELEPHANT; going to an oldie, Caravans. May take a year to finish as he writes epics.

The Kindle has been my rejuvenation in reading. I tired of buying, storing and dusting books. I have friend with a Kindle using our a nearby NEW public library with state of the art services.

Glynis Peters said...

Keep writing the reviews, Carol. I enjoy reading them and hunting down the books.

Carol Murdock said...

NitWit I know you read faster than that! Get this on your Kindle and I bet you have it read in 2 days!

Glynis......honey someday I hope to review one by you girl !!!

Pat in east TN said...

I'm reading this book right now and really have to give it a two thumbs up! If I didn't have so much outside work to do, I probably would have had it finished in a day or two.

I just finished "Nightwoods" and really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Loved your review-and I happen to love reviews from folks like you-so keep it up : )

Now I want to read the book-like now!!!! It really sounds great!

Glynis Peters said...

Carol, that would be wonderful, but please don't hold your breath just yet! LOL

Carol Murdock said...

Pat...I know your taste and I'm not surprised you love it!It's awful to have to lay it down for work huh? :)

Tipper....I knew this was one for you girl!Don't fret, NOBODY can shut me up about a great book! :)

Glynis.. I won't hold my breath but I will keep my fingers crossed! XO

Reader Wil said...

Every book I read, opens a door to another life, and I enter it to explore and taste the new things hidden behind that door!
From all the authors you mentioned I only read Alice Walker's "The Color Purple". I read hundreds of other English books, including more than twelve books by Dickens and like you, I like Oliver Twist best next to David Copperfield.

Ann Hite said...

I love all the comments here about Ghost On Black Mountain. It gives me lots of hope ;). Please feel free to stop by my website and contact me with your thoughts on the book or anything else for that matter. Carol has been such a blessing for me and Ghost On Black Mountain! And it is reviewers like Carol that readers listen to. Ann

My website is

Debra said...

I've not read the book but I have been to Black Mountain, NC and it is a beautiful place. It is also a few miles from the home of Billy Graham who lives in Montreat, NC.

Thanks for the review! We certainly share the same passion for books!

Tipper said...

Just wanted to let you know-I read the book! Finished it last night-thank you for pointing me in her direction-I liked it too : )