Friday, August 7, 2009

" The A,B,C's & P's of My Life "

A, stands for our appreciation for ALL the WONDERFUL comments wishing Hubby a Happy Birthday yesterday! He read them all and grinned all day! We spent the day cruising Wally World, Lowes and Gander Mountain. Hey, that was his choice of the way to spend his day!
A, also stands for my favorite shopping place! Two boxes of goodies for me!

B, stands for BOOKS! All recommended to me by some of you, except for Greg Iles whom I love to read!

More recommends!

B, also stands for Birthday presents! This is Hubby's from me. A Black-N -Decker Hedge Trimmer! NO cord to cuss on this one, it has a rechargeable battery!

C, stands for cozy courtyards like this. I hope mine someday has the feel of this one!

P, stands for Plants to make the courtyard become cozy! I already had two running roses I ordered a few weeks ago. A Lavender Lassie and A Josephs Coat. I got a e-mail from the nursery last week that the roses were half price. Sooooo I ordered 4 more! 3 Joseph Coats and 1 white one called Madame Alfred Carriere. They came yesterday. All three JC roses were broken midway.
I called the nursery and told them that the UPS man made a note that the box was bent in half.
They told me to plant them and they were sending 3 more JC's at no charge!! I now have 7 Joseph Coat Roses to go on the fence! Plus the Lavender one and the White one ! It should fill in fast!

P, also stands for Petunia's and Potato Vine....
I bought these two plants yesterday marked down at Lowes and stuck them in this basket...

These Mexican Petunia's looked so pretty this morning!

Back to C................
Clouds, The Master Artist seems to be fascinated by my fascination with Clouds!
I get a new one everyday now to "shoot"!

Talk about an eye catcher...............

C, stands for Cattle too! We got 2 new calves this week! This is a little bull who came Sunday!

A little Heifer came on Tuesday!

Of course no post on Cattle would be complete without Masquerade getting in on the photo shoot!

Due to all the interest in mine and Eric's love story yesterday, I'll be doing a post this weekend on how HARD it was for me to move to this farm! So stay tuned! I'll also be catching up on all your blogs!!! Have A Great Weekend Everyone!!!


Becca's Dirt said...

I love cloud formations. I can find so many people or objects in them or just the Majesty in their beauty. The courtyard is gorgeous and so colorful.
Have a good weekend Carol and hubby.

Laura said...

Thank you for the book recommendations. I wrote them all down. Do you find that blogging interferes with your reading, or is it just me??

Next question- where can I order plants?


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Glad your hubby had a good birthday.

I'm a cloud fan, too. I also love taking pics of different types of trees during different seasons.

My mom is a fan of Greg Iles...I'll have to pass along your rec.

Mystery Writing is Murder

lakeviewer said...

What an interesting cloud! Love the animals, looking so gentle out there on the pasture. Glad to see that you too got birthday gifts/not on your birthday. Now, I need to tell you that most of us love a good love story anytime. So, tell us, tell all...

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

"P" is for puppies!!!

And Happy Birthday to your husband! Great love story!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Doesn't amazon have great deals on books and really on just about everything. I could bust our budget at Amazon.

Cute moo cows Carol and i can wait to read about your move to the farm.

Pastor Sharon said...

Carol, I just love Masquerade. He is so handsome! The new babies are pretty too!

By the way, I have read three Francine Rivers Books!!!!! You are right she is truly an amazing author!

Wobegon Cottage said...

Before I moved to the mid-west I didn't know how beautiful and awesome clouds could be. I enjoy your pictures. I now have time for more reading and hope to enjoy some of the titles on your blog. I love a good book. I also plan on trying to start my cookbook but we will see.

Elenka said...

How do you get the market for all the great clouds?!
Cute baby 'cattle' or whatever they are called. A baby anything is usually cute!
Have a great weekend, too.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Belated birthday wishes to Eric...lovely story about how love finally found a way. Your court yard is going to be lovely. Beautiful photos of the clouds and those are bonnie wee calves :))

Elizabeth Bradley said...

What a crazy cloud. I love looking at the pics of the farm. Good to hear that you're getting MORE roses. Can't have too many roses!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Love the cloud photos and the new life at your place. The plants are all beautiful as well. I love to read and could spend all my time reading. Are you familiar with Paperback Book Swap? It might interest you...swap paperbacks with other folks, free except for the postage.

NitWit1 said...

Oh WOW!!! A man who goes shopping with his wife for his birthday. He is really a keeper!!!

Titania said...

So many things to make you happy. Books are always special!
The cloud is uniquely beautiful, I guess a special order! I love the calves, so pretty. It is always such a pleasure to plant something new! I am sorry that your roses arrived broken, at least you got some replaced. I would say the broken ones will recover.

T said...

That little white faced baby is too cute!

How wonderful you and hubby got to spend the day in a way you both enjoyed it!

Vicki Lane said...

You all do stay busy! I can see that courtyard now!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Oh darn! I missed your hubby's b-day yesterday. Please send him lots of love and best wishes from Texas and tell him that I hope there's a fish on the end of every hook. I loved reading your 'Love Story'.
I just bought some new books too. They're stacking up on the floor again. What I need is more bookcases.
I just love reading your blog, Carol!

Catherine xx

I_am_Tulsa said...

I love your plants and farmland! I can't wait to read about how yo found your way there!
I have been off the blogs for a bit too since I have been busy with job interviews..I REALLY appreciated your comment! It made me smile!!!