Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're Not Through...but Here's A View.....

So far two sides of the Porch are done except for hanging some Art. In this picture in the upper right top you will see the tribute to my precious mother Mary who passed away February 17, 2001. Eight years and I still miss her terribly. The picture was taken of her at age 20. I have her bible and a few keepsakes of hers up there. In the foreground is the present Hubby gave me for our Anniversary in December. My ' i Joy 320 Private Masseuse Chair'. This chair is AWESOME! It gives you a massage from head to toe. This chair is actually saving me from having to have back surgery !!

Books.......Books........AND MORE BOOKS! Some BIOS of great writers like Margaret Mitchell,
Eudora Welty, Caroline Gordon, Harper Lee, Janice Holt Giles, Appalachian Women Writers and
some interesting people of Appalachia. Along with The Collectors Editions of The Classics and some Classics like Thoreau's Walden, A First Edition Raintree County, Uncle Tom's Cabin and We Took To The Woods. The next self has great books by great authors like, Lee Smith, Melinda Haynes, Caroline Gordon, Harper Lee, Margaret Mitchell, Catherine Marshall, Ernest T. Gaines.

On this side of the Porch, Books, Books, More Books.........
My reading recliner, and you can see the edge of the frame of one of my favorite pictures.
This one............
Below the picture is " Shakespeare's Birthplace" It is part of the " Dickens's Village Series'
Christmas Village. Melanie gave it to me for Christmas and I will probably get an edition every year. She collects two different sets and thinks I need to collect one too. I know what she has in mind. When I croak, she'll inherit it! I really do love it !
This is the history of it.

" Steeped in culture and history, this half timbered residence on Henley Street in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon is one of the most famous literary landmarks in England. Set in the beautiful rural Warwickshire countryside, this is the house where William Shakespeare was born in 1564. The exterior was originally made of local materials: oak from the Arden Forest and
blue stone from the village of Wilmcote."
So there's a view and when I finish the other two sides.........I'll come back with a view of those too!


Katherine Aucoin said...

Girlfried you have been busy! I thought you ditched the porch for Hudson's! ~smirk~

I'm drooling over that chair!

Katherine Aucoin said...

sheesh, I can't type *Girlfriend* sorry =(

Reader Wil said...

Hi Carol! Wonderful to see that you mentioned Shakespeare. In May 2007 I was in Stratford upon Avon and took photos of Shakespeare's birthplace. We were actually in this house. It was quite interesting.Your blog is nice and I like to visit you! Thanks for your comments!

The W.O.W. factor said...

You are getting so cozily organized Lady! You'l never leave the porch when you are done.
Hubby would L.O.V.E. that massage chair!
Funny how kids give gifts that "they want to inherit" back. Especially, the older we get

TheWritersPorch said...

Katherine.....NO HUDSON'S till the books are sold out...Sold Out ! That chair IS to drool over, I promise you! world traveler you!
You have to post pictures of the real thing, please?

Barb...I rarely leave it now, trying to get it done!
My Hubby gets in it everyday!
Yes, they do. Melanie buys me what she wants for later! Ha!The boys don't care.

Angelena said...

Love all the books- I would never leave!!

My mom passed away in 1996 - I still miss her everyday as well.

Renie Burghardt said...

It looks wonderful, Carol. I would never leave it either.

That chair sounds like something I should get for my poor, old achy back.

Enjoy, and write! write! write!



Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hello! This is the first time I'm visiting your lovely blog I came over after reading your reply to Kat, Poetitkat when she wrote the post about visiting all the bloggers she reads.
You described going on a trip to New Orleans and then River Road. I took such a trip almost two years ago and enjoyed it immensely! The plantations were beautiful beyond my expectations, and my daughter bought a copy of the little diary kept by one of the girls who lived in Nottoway. We also saw Oak Alley and Madewood Plantations.

I also enjoyed learning about the ecology of the bayou and swamps from our tour guide, who was a life long resident of LA.

The food in New Orlenas was out of this world! I bought quite a fe cookbooks there.

Wonderful trip! Thanks for helping me to reminisce a little.

Reader Wil said...

Hi Carol, I can send you the photos by e-mail!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Looks cozy! As it should be! I have a library dining room - total deliciousness!! Could use one of those massage chairs though! Looking forward to your upcoming interview.

Jeannette St.G. said...

Yes, I think I like to spend some time with your book cases!
Glad you still have some keepsakes of your mother - to keep your memory of her alive...

Anonymous said...

As an author and avid reader, I LOVE your bookshelves! Your chair looks pretty comfty too.
I also have the Dickens collection and just love it.
You've got quite a stack there to be read, but....You might want to add The House At Riverton. I'm half-way through it and can't put it down. Superb book, by Australian author, Kate Morton. This was her debut novel, but I've already pre-ordered her next one, due out in May.
I know....SO many books and SO little time!