Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Should Have Stayed Home !!

As you read previously.....baby girl wanted to shop yesterday. Every time she comes to visit, she MUST visit her favorite store here, Hudson's Treasure Hunt!

Hudson's is a Hattiesburg based store that has been around for a little over forty years. It started out as a little store in a seedy part of town that bought out fire damaged stores and pretty much sold just canned food. It now has stores all over Mississippi and the one here is located in what was the old Sears before they built a new mall. It now buys the contents of stores that go out of business all over the world. Usually the merchandise starts out 40%
off the original price but continues to go down 10% every two weeks until it reaches 90% off.

They do usually advertise on TV when a new buyout is stocked. Well............I missed this advertisement or I would have stayed home!
OMG..........They had bought out of all things a line of bookstores in Arkansas called Hastings!
Rows and rows and rows of new books 40% off !! The last thing I needed was more books !
They had also bought out a Cabela's Sporting Goods and several Anne Taylor women's clothing stores. Also some big store from New York that sold high dollar women's clothes. Melanie got several pairs of $190.00 "skinny jeans" at 90% off ! She bought about 10 books mostly for little Molly's upcoming 7th B'day. She bought some blouses, skirts, and ball caps, she runs 5k races and always wears caps. It takes hours to go through this store so it ended up being the only one we hit. We wanted to go to TJ MAX and TUESDAY MORNING but ran out of money, time and energy! They have both of those stores in Nashville so that didn't disappoint her too much.

The Porch still has stacks and stacks of books to be put on the shelves. I want to categorize them properly this time. But it has a new paint job and new book shelves through out! It's now a soothing baby blue! I will post pictures later when it is all done. Baby girl left this morning to return home with all her goodies! I already miss her too much! She had bought the Audio book of the second book of the popular Twilight series to listen to on her drive. Today I am doing nothing, nothing, nothing.
I am tired, exhausted, pooped and worthless ! I will read and nap, that's it!


Katherine Aucoin said...

Sounds like some real deals! Hope you don't wear yourself out too much!

I remember there used to be, maybe still is a Hudsons on 49 in Gulfport. I never went into one, but now I know!

Peggy said...

Yikes! More books! I've sunk to sneaking new (and old) books into the house! No room? I'll make room! Go, Carol!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I bet you REALLY didn't wish you'd stayed home. Sounded like fun. ALL those books for such a great price! I wouldn't have been able to resist either.
That sounds like quite a store!

jeannette stgermain said...

Haha, I recognize this - when our "little ones" become older, it's hard to keep up with them! don't feel bad about taking a nap :)
sorry, I can't tell you what to do -I love books - one time I went through all of them and gave the ones in the Dutch language away, and all the books that we had "outgrown." (sorta like clothes, if you don't wear them anymore, maybe someone else will like them) You will find a solution!

Poetikat said...

It doesn't matter how many books I have, or how little room I have, I cannot resist buying new (or old) books. I just shift things around (which is half the fun)!

Didya buy some books for you?


Renie Burghardt said...

Wow, sounds like a great store! I would have spent all my time there as well. Been to Hastings in Jonesboro, Arkansas, which is 80 miles from me, and to the one in Poplar Bluff, MO, which is even closer. Don't tell me they are closing or something?

I bet you miss her. I'm always pooped after my daughter and family come, but I miss them terribly when they go home.

Have a great evening.



Reader Wil said...

Shopping is tiring isn't it? Especially standing and browsing, and waiting and browsing again...Thanks for sharing your trip and for your visit and comment.

steviewren said...

Treasure is exactly what I would have called a store with a great buy on books. I'm glad I'm a state away from that kind of goodness. I would be sorely tempted to spend too much.

I've read all of the Twilight series. Good reading. Her trip will fly by. I listen to audio books everyday on my commute. Listening adds another dimension to reading.

NCmountainwoman said...

What a find! When my son or daugher visit, I love it so much. But I must admit, I also love the return to the quiet life when they have gone. Enjoy your new books.