Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happenings At Swiftwater Farm........

My sweet daughter Melanie arrived here at the farm late yesterday from Tennessee ! She has come to help her mother remodel the Porch ! We are putting up more bookcases and hopefully all my collected art work from Cades Cove. She insisted on a supper of Tomato Gravy, Biscuits, and bacon. This girl wears a size two but eats like a horse. I used to be so lucky! Never was a size two but I could eat what I wanted a never gained a pound! Now it's middle age spread and beyond! It's going to be a beautiful weekend weather wise. We made it to 69 yesterday! Today it will be sunny and 74, the same tomorrow!
We watched the movie "The Secret Lives of Bees " last night! I read the book by Sue Monk Kidd, about two years ago It was really good to see the book characters come to life but the movies are never as good as the book. Dakota Fanning played Lilly, she is such a wonderful actress. It also starred Queen Latifa, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keyes.
Melanie will be here for about four days so I'm in for a busy few days! I will be checking in on all of you and I hope you all have a great weekend!


NCmountainwoman said...

Like you, I never like a movie as much as the book. The books just have too many sub-plots to include in a movie. I was especially disappointed in "The Bee Season." I loved "Secret Life of Bees" and the cast sounds perfect. I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

Good luck with your remodel project. Hope the warm weather continues.

david mcmahon said...

I'm sure the two of you are going to have a blast together.

Carol, may I just say, very quietly - while you work at your novel - that I wrote a series called ``Telling Write From Wrong'' on my blog, containing advice for authors and how to contact agents and publishers.

It was a 19-part series and if you feel you;d like to have a look at the relevant parts, just holler and I'll send you the link.

willow said...

Enjoy the precious time with your lovely daughter. Mine lives in far off Philadelphia and I cherish those times we are together.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Carol!

Have a great time with your beautiful daughter! And how nice that she will be helping you. And I love your family picture below. Beautiful family!

My daughter and SIL came down from Ohio this past Wednesday and brought me a generator. It was such a surprise! Of course, the power came back on finally on Friday afternoon. Praise the Lord!
Thank you kindly for your sweet comments while I was away because of the ice storm. There is still an enormous amount of clean up to be done, but at least the worst is over, and the weather has turned warm. I can't wait to go to church and lunch with church friends today, since I couldn't go last Sunday.

Thank you again, dear Carol. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Hugs and blessings,


Reader Wil said...

How wonderful to have your daughter to see and help you! I read The Da Vinci Code. I liked it very much, so I wanted to see the movie. What a disappointment. I knew the story and I was glad I read the book before the movie, otherwise I would not have understood what it was all about.

Cynthia said...

Enjoy your visit with Melanie! I have two siblings who live over in Tennessee and we don't see each other often. I have yet to read "The Secret Lives of Bees"'s certainly on my list! Have fun chatting for hours and playing together. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh, it sounds like some great mother/daughter time is ahead. Enjoy!
I also read the book and loved it. Haven't seen the movie though, but do agree that the book is usually better. I also very much enjoyed her The Mermaids Chair.
I did meet Sue Monk Kidd in person at a conference and really liked her a lot. Very professional.

Peggy said...

"Secret Life of Bees" was my favorite book two summers ago... you know, the kind that you just don't want to end. I don't want to see the movie, though. I like the one I created in my head so much!

Have a blast with you daughter, Carol!

Shrinky said...

Ah, she is such a stunner that girl of yours! How lovely she has stopped by to help, you two sound pretty close.

Oh, you are so right about movies never being as good as the book, they always have to cut out too much, and often change the plot (yet I always tend to watch them anyway).

Katherine Aucoin said...

I hope you show us pictures of the porch remodel. You two will have such a great timetogether and I enjoyed reading about your family and see the photo you posted.