Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yesterday I was surprised and honored to receive this Fabulous Blog
Award from my friend and hero Vicki Lane @

It was somewhere around August/September 2008 that I discovered Vicki. I was searching for books set in Appalachian Mountain locations.
I ordered her books and began corresponding with her via e-mail. I started reading her blog which she had been posting on daily for about a year. I went back and read every single post in about three days. I visit her blog daily and thoroughly enjoy her posts. We made arrangements to meet in person last October when I vacationed in the mountains but she got snow in Western NC and I was on the Tennessee side and didn't make it over there. Then I planned to surprise her in February when she was at Murder on The Menu in Birmingham but it was that weekend my daughter chose to come help with the remodel and nearly work us to death! However I am a firm believer in" where there's a will, there's a way" and I look forward to meeting her in person someday! Vicki Lane is the reason I started The Writers Porch and ended up meeting all my bloggy friends, so to be chosen to receive this award from her is Special!

As with most Awards...there are a few rules.You must pass it on to 5 other Fabulous bloggers in a post. You must include the person who gave the award to you and a link back to their blog.

You must list 5 of your Fabulous Addictions in the post.You must copy and post these rules in the post.

Right click the Award and save to your computer and post it on your blog. This is not only a tribute to your blog but a way to widen the blog reading audience!

In no particular order here are 5 of my fabulous addictions:
Reading,Writing,Travel, Gardening and NFL Football....................

Here Are My 5 Choices to pass this Award to..............

Josephine @ Her blog is so eye catching you just want to stare at her wonderful pictures and her English background is always teaching me something new!

Reader Wil @ Wil is in The Netherlands but travels all over and teaches me the history of the places she takes me!

Robyn@ Robyn and her husband are English teachers in Egypt and I am learning about a country I knew very little about.

Pat@ Pat takes me on a tour of NYC and shows me what I'm missing!

England Rent,Rants,& @ takes me on a daily tour of England!

I am aware that there are a lot of things going on at present with Spring in the air and on our minds. Some bloggers do not have the time to participate in Award blogging. If you choose to pass on this Award, I do understand but know that your blog is valued by me and I wanted to let you know that!


david mcmahon said...

How wonderful. Congratulations on the award.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Carol, dear friend, I am humbled by this award, and graciously accept...
Since I am working today, I shall have to wait until evening, to pass along.
Congratulations on receiving the award yourself. My daily visits to TWP are a joy, and one no doubt, shared by others.
Thank you ;)

TheWritersPorch said...

David........thank you!

Josephine...I'm glad you accept it,
I understand and thank you!

Reader Wil said...

Congratulations Carol! You deserve it! I thank you for the award too!

Cynthia said...

Hi Carol, I'm "back from the past" and have come over to tell you how much your support has meant to me...thank you for visiting Oasis and leaving a few words to let me know that your heart was with me during that interview process. I treasure your comments. I read another book on the way back from Michigan so I'll write a bit about it this week. It's called "The Middle Place". (Kelly Corrigan) BTW I was "de-plane-d" (don't you love the visual image that makes??Do they take the plane out of you? "Ladies and gentlemen, all those deplaned from ...please go to ..." Good thing I bought a book from the stand while I was waiting because I had another unexpected diversion. I ended up ordering pizza and sleeping in a hotel! (The airlines paid.) Maybe I needed the rest? I enjoyed the book though...and missed one day of class. <3

Cynthia said...

Oh yes and congratulations on the's wonderful that your inspiration blog writer thought to acknowledge you and your Writer's Porch! <3

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Hearty congratulations on your well-deserved award!! And thanks for some new addresses to visit!!

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Carol, how wonderful!
Congratulations on a well-deserved award, and thank you so much for passing it on to us! (our first!) Blogging is quite a new experience for us and, in addition to appreciating the creative outlet, we've really loved "meeting" wonderful people like you!
Thank you so much.
The Prodigal Tourist

Kay Dennison said...


Shrinky said...

Many congratulations Carol, it is well deserved. How wonderful that you have developed such a valuable friendship together, I have no doubt you and she will meet up in person as and when, it seems fated, doesn't it?

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Thank you so much Carol, and please excuse my tardiness is accepting this wonderful recognition! I enjoy finding new blogs through these recommendations. I will pass it on soon.
Thanks again!