Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is Me............

TGIF Everybody! We have been excited all week getting ready for a FishFry/ B'Day celebration tomorrow, my actual B'day is Tuesday, the 22nd. Some of my friends and their Hubby's are coming to the farm for good food and good conversation! We are having Fried Bream( Blue Gill) and Hubby's homemade Hush Puppies. I'm making Potato Salad, Cole Slaw and Vicki Lane's Frozen Chocolate Pie with a Pecan Crust. It has Rum in it! :)

After taking the Sabbath off, Miss Trixie Golay resumed her duties and has continued to lay one a day! By tomorrow afternoon I should have my first dozen. I will fix a wonderful Sunday Breakfast with some of these babies! We are curious to see if she takes Sunday off this week!

These are the Sunset shots I took the other day after those pond shots.

On my camera, it looked like the trees had Christmas lights on them............

I wish I could capture the pastel colors better............

I can't recall ever seeing any prettier skies than I've seen this Spring/Summer season!

A few weeks ago I planted two more bell pepper plants. A red one and a yellow one. The peppers have gotten so huge they were breaking the bushes but not turning colored. So, I picked them yesterday. The greens ones came off the two plants. The red ones off my older plants.

Hubby is holding this one! HUGE! I'm going to let them sit out for a day or two to see if they turn. If not , it's more green in the freezer.

The bookaholic post drew some fabulous comments! I didn't know how many "peers" I had in this... I didn't even mention that my addiction also includes Cookbooks! However since I only have two shelves of them, I guess it's a little more under control.

The two on top here are new additions and there is another shelf on the bottom of the Bakers Rack that could be emptied of junk and used if needed! HA!

I have been working hard this week and at night...............THIS IS ME !!!! :)



creativewritingintheblackberrypatch said...

That sounds like some good eating. Enjoy the eggs on Sunday. I am also a cookbook collector, I have tons, most from thrift stores and yard sales. I love that last picture of the kitty cat!

Marguerite said...

Sounds like a great birthday celebration. Love the menu, especially the Hush Puppies and the chocolate pie! Quite a nice cookbook collection, too. Happy Birthday!

Stone Bridge Farm said...


Hmm...I love the last pic!

Glad your chickie is doing good!

Happy Birthday to you....mine is today! I don't have much planned. My Aunt is coming over to pick up walnuts..then after she leaves the kids will go to my Mom's and Hubby and I will probably just go out to eat.

I would love to have a Harvest Cookout though. I was thinking middle of next month. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Ok, well I better go check on the kids!


Lori :0)

Missy said...

Hi Carol: Have a very Happy Birthday and have fun at your cookout!

Nezzy said...

Have a wonderful birthday bash and the menu sounds very inviting.

Your pics are great the last one made me on Sunday evenings..LOL!

God bless and have a blast at your party!!!

Deb Shucka said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it's a wonderful celebration. Those are some gorgeous eggs!

Journaling Woman said...

Those eggs are bea-u-ti-ful.

Your photos are a joy.So are you! Happy Birthday in advance.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Happy birthday, fellow Virgo woman! Hope your day is sweet and long. Not surprising, we have a lot of the same cookbooks. :)

Becca's Dirt said...

Hope you weekend get together will be filled with fun and laughter. Wish I was there to party with you and eat some GOOD fish and hushpuppies.

You have captured so many beautiful sky photos.

Your birthday and mine are only a week apart. Mine is the 28th - I'll be 54.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Carol, Happy Birthday next Tuesday... Hope you have a wonderful time tonight.. Your menu sounds great!!!!

Glad you are getting more eggs. Can't wait to see if they taste MUCH better than the ones in the stores. ha ha .... AND--please tell us is she takes Sunday off again... She may be a very religious chick.

Hope your peppers turn red... BUT--if they don't they'll be some great Green Peppers... ha

I have quite a few cookbooks also.. The ones I love the most were ones that belonged to my mother.

Cute picture of the kitty.... Not too relaxed is she????

Have a great weekend.

Dirt Princess said...

Have a good weekend

NCmountainwoman said...

Happy Birthday this weekend AND on the 22nd. Enjoy the food and fellowship.

Wobegon Cottage said...

Have a happy birthday and fish fry. Some bacon and coffeecake would go good with those eggs on sunday:)

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful skies! And peppers! Have a great party, a fantastic weekend, and a very happy birthday!

Kat said...

I miss not having my fresh eggs, it has been years! They look yummy! (oops sorry Miss Trixie Golay)
I love fish fries. We used to have them all the time when we lived in south Alabama and caught them fresh. My M-I-L made the best hushpuppies ever! I did not learn that great technique. Mine are never good!! I finally resorted to the prepackaged mix.
Have a Happy Birthday! My hubby just had his virgo birthday on the 16th.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Yay! A dozen eggs for your birthday! And that pepper's HUGE!

You didn't mention cookbooks. I collect them too! In fact, I was just sitting here with my latest, (I cook dinner for my daughter-in-law every Friday cause she has two little ones and Rheumatoid Arthritis and deserves a break), deciding what to make tonight.

Have an amazing birthday celebration!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, those sunset pictures are gorgeous!

Have fun at your birthday celebration with your friends and dear hubby. I'm sure you will, you're just a fun person anyway, and won't be able to help it. Ha! Then maybe you can have a quiet, romantic celebration on the 22nd, just the two of you. Happy early birthday, Carol. I hope all your birthday wished and dreams come true!

Birthday Huggies,

Renie xox

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Happy Birthday, darling! Monday is Prodigal Wife's birthday, we'll think of you when we celebrate! In the meantime, we finally posted our lovely award, thank you so much!
PS: Love the kitty

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Wishing you a Happy Birthday Carol, it sounds like you've got quite a bash planned !
The size of those goodness.
Enjoy your fish fry, eat cake !

Brenda said...

Hope you had a great time at your big cookout, Carol. Happy Birthday! (My daughter's birthday is also on the 22nd.)

NitWit1 said...

Love the birthday celebration idea. But if your last photo is any indication you've been working too hard! <:~)>

Even though mine is next month, you know from by my blog Husband and I mutually celebrated his August and my October one with a mini-vacation, which we both wish had lasted longer.

I don't believe I've ever seen a bad sunset picture!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday!! Have a great time with your family and friends. Love the cat photo. So cute!!

crochet lady said...

Happy Birthday Carol, what a great way to celebrate with a fish fry! Sounds like some yummy food your cooking up.

Lady Katherine said...

Oh, Happy Birthday! Early! What a wonderful menu for the party! Now I been catching up, I adore your posts on the chickens! Miss Trixie GoLay! Mine have been laying two a day, then we got three, yesterday was five. My 4 year old grandson checked the hen nest and he was so excited, He had a jar in one hand with a frog in it, and the other hand found a green egg, and then a blue egg! It was so sweet, he grabbed it and one broke, I took and said Granpappy can have this for breakfast. I have over 30 chickens now. I love it I just say Come on Chick Chicks and they follow me all around. You had some stormy weather, nothing here! Hubby wants rain, lol!
The Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles luncheon is next week! I can't wait to meet you! Do you need direction? As far as I know all are coming except for two and two are still not sure. Christine is bring her husband, John, so my husband may come too. I trying to get a count of all who are coming! Had fun looking at all your post on the books too!