Saturday, April 4, 2009

" Beautiful Homes, A Ghost Tale and A Haunted Picture"

I returned from Natchez late yesterday afternoon having had not only a wonderful time, but a productive time! Natchez is 150 miles west of me and takes around 2 and1/2
hours to drive.I took close to 150 pictures and no I probably
won't post them all but I will do several post this week on my
experiences during this trip!

Meet the lovely, sweet Bridget Green!
Bridget and her husband own " The Burn".
She was one of the tour guides of her home
which is on tour during " Pilgrimage". She
was my hostess during my stay at The Burn
and told me a Ghost Tale which she said I
could share with you!

The first night they stayed in the house, their oldest
daughter whose bedroom was upstairs on the front right
side, got frightened during the night and moved to another
room. It seems she was awakened by the sounds of an old
wooden clacker toy. When she told her parents the next
morning that " she would not be sleeping in that room again",
Bridget said she pooh pooh'd it and told her it was the floors
settling from construction work. The second night, it happened
again along with "someone" whistling a tune! She refused to
sleep in this room so the parents exchanged rooms with her.

Several months later a man and his young son came to stay
at The Burn. They had stayed many times before at The Burn
in the afore mentioned room along with the wife/mother who
had since past with Cancer. The room was no longer a rented room
but the little boy asked if he could see the room where he had stayed
with his mother. Bridget said sure. She says when she took him up
to the room, he looked at her and said;" you know this room is haunted".

To which she replied; no I didn't, why do you think that?
"It's a little girl he says, she plays with a wooden
clacker toy and if you don't sit up she gets mad and starts
whistling". Bridget says she was stunned because this was
the same story her daughter told! As they were walking
down the stairs he told her he could whistle the tune for her.
He began to whistle and the daughter heard it and came running
from another room asking; whose whistling that tune, it's the same
tune that ghost whistles? Bridget reports that she and her husband
have heard nothing in the room so one can assume the little girl
prefers children! I will do a post on The Burn with pictures later.

I took a walk down North Union Street because there were
so many beautiful homes. I particularly wanted to see the house
next door, Chatawa Cottage, as it was the home of Natchez
Author Alice Walworth Graham. Alice was the great- granddaughter
of John Walworth who built The Burn.

The Natchez Mayor lives here now...................

This is The Devereaux Shields House 1893 , which is also aBed & Breakfast...............

Another pretty Victorian.............

The street is filled with these lovely houses..........

Below is the John Dicks House 1888...............

Here is a photo of a painting that I took a picture of in one
of the houses I toured. I was the only one in the room when
I shot this photo. I had the flash turned off because they had
an art light over it. That night in my room I noticed what appeared
to be an image in the photo that was not supposed to be there.
On the camera it appeared to be one thing, after I had down
loaded it and blew it up, I was leaving the room and looked back
from appox. 10 feet away, I saw an entirely different image from
what I had thought I was seeing. I will give you one clue.
Look to the left side of the picture............

This is a closer view I printed off and scanned that does
not have the frame or art light showing...........Please comment
and tell me what you see. My husband and daughter saw the
same thing I saw without me even giving them a clue........

Ok.....When I first saw the photo on the camera all I saw was the
yellow ribbon next to dark blue in back of the victorian woman in
the front of the painting and what I thought was a clump of red hair
behind the bow at the back of her hat. My first thought was Yankee uniform!
When I downloaded it, I saw it was the figure of a woman with red hair
pulled up on her head! It could not be my reflection as it is facing sideways
and I was standing directly facing the painting and I have very dark hair
past my shoulders that was hanging down. I have since discovered that
Jennie Merrill the murdered woman in the Goat Castle Murder had
red/brown hair and I was in the house that she was murdered in!
I cannot explain it......but it is very strange to me!

As I was driving to The Burn I noticed this old mansion one
street over . It is almost beyond repair, empty and for sale.
I walked over and took some pictures.The woman you see
was there with her husband and like me was curious about it.

I learned from my hosts that it is called Melmont built in 1850
by John Henderson, who was known as the merchant Prince
of Natchez. I do hope someone saves this historical house........

A view from across the street.............................

As I left Natchez yesterday I stopped by a garden center
and was mesmerized by this gorgeous weeping Hibiscus!
I grabbed it and as I was paying for it a reporter from the
local newspaper who had seen it the day before came in and
took pictures of me and this beauty before I whisked it away...........

A close up of the most beautiful flower I've ever seen !!

Don't forget to comment about the haunted painting!
I will be posting on all the houses I toured later.....

I will get caught up with everyones blogs this weekend !!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous Carol... Reminds me a little of Charleston and Savannah.. I don't know why we never got to Natchez--but one of these days we will.

Love the ghost story...

Reader Wil said...

Very charming houses! Why does the English speaking world always have all the ghosts of the world and we poor Dutchies have to do without any wee little ghost. We do have castles, you know and nasty things had happened there , but no ghost wanted ever haunting the high halls of these buildings. It's not fair...LOL

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Do you think that ghost might be your reflexion? I've never seen one but my husband has. Natchez looks beautiful...and I got your note about all the shops! I have a friend who's been telling me to go there for years. She's right - I know I would love it. Enjoy that gorgeous hibiscus!

Jessica James said...

Oh, wow. Natchez is my absolute next vacation! Do you know how much they are asking for the house? I LOVE fixer-uppers!
Great photos. Thanks for sharing. I'm working on my computer in a dark room so can't make out what the picture is. What do YOU see?

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Carol,

I was here earlier but then got unexpected company before I had a chance to leave a comment. Natchez is beautiful, and I enjoyed the ghost story. And your explanation on the painting is a tad erie! Great post! Looking forward to more beautiful pictures of Natchez!

Happy Sunday!



NCmountainwoman said...

I tried very hard (well, as hard as I can while watching the TarHeel game), but I can't see the other lady. I'll look again tomorrow when I've had a little less excitement and wine!

I loved all the photographs and the stories as well. I am always moved to be in the presence of houses so old and with such rich histories. Sounds like a great trip.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What character these homes exude.
I fell in love with them all !
Natchez looks like one beautiful historic southern city...
So interesting about the ghost story...hmmm.
Glad you had a wonderful trip Carol.

Trixie said...

Everyone of those houses is a like a little teacake.

Cynthia said...

What an exciting trip you had, Carol. I hope the ghost material is useful in your story creation process.

I looked and looked...but just don't see. sigh. I kept seeing my own reflection on the computer screen.

What stunning homes! And the pink flower color is so satisfying to the eye.

I wouldn't want to sleep with ghosts...especially ones that want me to behave in a certain manner or they will punish me with a tune. Great story idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a great post and I want to go there! MY kind of place, complete with ghosts, which I love! I also love those Victorian homes and the period dress of your hostess. What a great ghost story that was.
On the painting....if I'm looking at computer screen, did you mean on my right? Because "I" see either a man or a woman, very clearly, near the hearth and that other woman in the painting. Maybe it's supposed to be there? lol And that's not what you meant.
At any rate, great post. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

OH my goodness....had to come back. I DO see the woman with red hair now, YOU see the man? to the right of the computer screen....just above the chair...he looks like he's from another time period. He's facing to the left. Tell me I'm not seeing

Kaye Barley said...

LOVE your post !

I have never been to Natchez and I believe I need to get myself there. What wonderful homes these are!! We spend a lot of time in Charleston and in Savannah and enjoy the beauty of these grand old cities. Never get tired of the lovely homes and wonderful architecture, but time now to broaden our horizons with a trip to Natchez.

and now I'm going to skadoodle on to see what I can see in this wonderful painting.

I'm loving all this! Thanks so much, Carol, for sharing it all with us.

Janet, said...

Hi, I just found your sight and have enjoyed looking around.I love old houses and those are beautiful. Haven't seen anything yet, but I will look again at the picture.

BrandonP said...

Do you know anything else about Melmont? It was named after Mary Elizabeth Lattimore (MEL), my great-great grandmother. I saw the place in the early 1990's. I do hope that it is still standing

BrandonP said...

Do you know anything else about Melmont? It was named after Mary Elizabeth Lattimore (MEL), my great-great grandmother. I saw the place in the early 1990's. I do hope that it is still standing

jobey42 said...

If serious about purchase inquiry for Melmont in Natchez, email