Thursday, April 23, 2009

" I Survived Another Day" Bargains Galore!

As you can see......I survived another day of bargain hunting
with " the girl "......
We drove to Meridian and picked up our favorite Aunt!
My Aunt Wilma has always been my favorite Aunt but
since my mother's death she has also helped to fill the huge
hole left in me. She would not mind me telling you that she is
a very young 75 years old !
Can you believe it?

Aunt Wilma and the girl.................

The pictures did not load as I instructed them to, HA! So
it is gonna be a skip around deal................
At Hope Village I found these two pair of new shoes.....
The Blue Slip On's are Covington, $ 4 .................
The Brown Sandals are Clarks, $ 10........

Don't my new chairs from Hudson's look good with the new
cushions? I got the cushions yesterday................

I found these goodies at Hudson's.......... A Silver plated
Cotton Ball Jar, $ 2 bucks! A Soap Dispenser, $. 60 cents!
Bag Clips, $ .15 cents ! The red plastic box is a photo holder.
I bought 10 for 20 cents a piece!

Here's my new cushions! Regular $ 28.oo for two.
I got each pack of two for $ 7.oo at TJ MAXX !

Melanie Carol and me, at Hope Village.............

At Hope Village I also found these new Jones New York
Jeans, for $ 3 bucks! Regular $ 48.00.............

At Tuesday Morning...........These hanging baskets regular
$ 7.98 were $ 3 bucks each!

The pots were regular $ 35.00.....At Tuesday Morning
I got them for $ 14.00 a piece................

These were marked $ 9.99, I got them for $ 3.99 at TM !

This watering can will reach my hanging Ferns, it was marked
$ 24.00, I got it for $9.99 at Tuesday Morning...............

This is a $ 40.00 rug I got at Hudson's for $ 9.00 bucks!

These are 64x64 100% cotton Mascioni Hotel Collection
Table Cloth's. I don't know what they sold for originally
but I bought 8 for $ 6.00 bucks each to make curtains for
my screened porch!

I found this darling Black and white Sweater Set at TJ MAXX.
It is a Belldini and sold for $ 70.oo, I paid $ 15.00 !

I got this small Alarm Clock for $ 2 bucks at Hudson's

I cannot tell you how tired I was......even baby girl is now
sick of the word " Shopping"! She had to hit Aunt Wilma's
Massage Chair!
After her massage, I let her sleep for thirty minutes, then we
hit the road for home!

She's going home tomorrow......I will miss her :( but for goodness
sakes, I need some much deserved rest! I have book reviews to
do and I have to write up questions for some author interviews!
We still have to visit 6 houses in Natchez!
I am running WAY behind!!


lakeviewer said...

Great bargains, indeed. Tuesdays is one of my favorite 'catch-all' surprise store. I still misss it.

NCmountainwoman said...

Interesting that the youngest member of the group needed the nap!

I know you will miss your daughter, but you can look around at all the great things you bought while shopping with her and that will make you smile.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Carol, You all really got some fabulous buys... I'm not much of a shopper (my hubby is glad about that)--but when I do shop, I need to get you to go with me!!!!!

Aunt Wilma looks incredible to be 75... Glad you all got to see her. I know you have enjoyed your daughter's visit. BUT---now YOU can get some REST... ha


Renie Burghardt said...

Well, you got some more great bargains, Carol. We don't have any of those stores around here, not even a TJ Maxx.

Your Aunt looks wonderful, but 75 is not that old! I used to think it was, but once I hit the 70 mark, I no longer think of it as old! But that massage chair sure looks inviting!

My best friend and I are going Flea Marketing today, and to lunch in a Mexican Restautant! Yummo! Have a great weekend. Rest up and enjoy all your new treasures!



Ian said...

I can tell you really enjoy shopping. Be careful you don't become a shopaholic.

Becca's Dirt said...

Wow Carol - you really racked up. You stole some of that merchandise. (just kidding ya know) I love the pots you bought at Tuesday Morning. I love all the stores you visited. Haven't been to Hudsons in a long time. You have a beautiful daughter and a lovely Aunt. It is good that she has been able to help with the emptiness you felt after your mother passed away. Aunts are wonderful.

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all! Bet you need a vacation now.

Kaye Barley said...

What a lovely post!!!! Shopping with girlfriends is a joy. When those girlfriends are much loved members of your family - well, you just can't do any better than that. Aunt Wilman and "the girl" are both just beautiful.

And Bargains! Girl! You found terrific bargains! The woman who taught me all about bargains is my mom. We do our shopping thing on Friday afternoons, so I'll be picking her up in just a couple hours.

We don't have a Hudson's here, but we do have TJ Maxx and Tuesday Mornings and the most surprising Big Lots ever. Found a great set of Ralph Lauren bright red towels at that Big Lots a few months back. Man, I just love a bargain.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I feel like I've been shopping at Carol's Catalog! Love those bargains. I saw those cushions at Max...they're really pretty. Have fun playing with all your treasures!

Dirt Princess said...

Well now I am competely I garden this weekend or go to Tuesday Morning's, TJ Max, and Hudsons??? What is a gal to do? I got REALLY excited when I saw Melanie in that massage chair...I was waiting for it to say 'Massage chair from Hudson's for $29.99 regularly $2,599.00 from Sharper Image'...LOL!!! You found some really good stuff!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What fabullus bargains! I'm jealous. I want a Tuesday Morning store to open near me.

Aunt Wilma looks wonderful and sweet. Glad she was able to go along with you and "the girl."

Happy catch-up!

david mcmahon said...

You would LOVE shopping with one of my sisters-in-law!!

Jessica James said...

I am SO envious. I want to go shopping with you! It's so much fun to find great bargains!

Anonymous said...

Whew! I got tired JUST looking at all you
But I must say, you are some shopper!
And your aunt looks fantastic for 75! I wanna be like her when I grow up!

Trixie said...

I'll be danged.