Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Superior Scribbler Award.....Me?

Imagine my surprise when I am casually stalking my blog roll victims,
go to visit Catherine at A Thousand Clapping Hands and discover I have been awarded THE SUPERIOR SCRIBBLER AWARD !! http://www.athousandclappinghands/
Thank you Catherine! I shall clap my hands a thousand times in gratitude!

Of course with every Bloggy Award, there are a few rules. They are:

* Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass the Award on to 5 deserving bloggy friends.

*Each Superior Scribbler must link to the Author and name of the blog from whom you
received The Award.

*Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog and link to this post
which explains the Award.

*Each blogger who wins the Superior Scribbler Award must visit the above link and add their name to the Mr. Linky List. That way we will be able to keep up to date on who receives this Prestigious Honor!

* Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on their blog.

AND THE AWARD GOES TO THESE 5 WINNERS ............................................................

Wil @ Reader Wil.. Wil never fails to delight me with her pictures, videos and stories. Wil is located in the Netherlands but makes trips back to Australia
where her daughter and grandchildren live. She is a survivor of a concentration camp in WWII.

Katherine @ Smoky Mountain Cafe :
Katherine found a new home in my beloved Smokey Mountains when she fled New Orleans
during Katrina. Her Cajun and comfort food recipes and pictures have brought new life to my kitchen!

She lives in a seaside village in Nova Scotia in a beautiful house with the ' les gang'. She is a designer of extraordinary proportions and a deep thinker of life. I enjoy stalking Susan and the gang everyday.

Angelena@ Little Mountain House:
Angelena lives in the country in The Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virgina. Remember
John Denver's song " Country Roads "? Angelena writes about her life and her raising three sons along with interesting tidbits such as the making of Hot Dogs !

Stevie Wren @ a little birdie told me so:
Stevie is a extremely talented artist and poet who provides for some entertaining reads along with updates on a Squirrel that has invaded her garage!
So there you are girls............... I hope you all accept and enjoy your fame as a Superior Scribbler!


Reader Wil said...

Thank you Carol thinking of me. It's an honour! I only hope I have time to follow all the rules. I'll see when I can do that.You are very sweet to say all those beautiful things about us. Last week I got three awards and I didn't do anything with them. I feel ashamed.

TheWritersPorch said...

To all the winners.........
There is some time consuming work
to this Award. If you decide to pass....I understand.


Katherine Aucoin said...

Carol you are a sweetie for thinking of me. I will get this posted next week. Thank you so much!

You definitely deserve this award, I think you blog rocks!

steviewren said...

Thank you for your kind words Carol. I will attempt to live up to this award. And I will attempt to pass it along to others.

steviewren said...

ps This is the first time anyone ever referred to me as a poet! Extra thanks for that!

Cynthia said...

A round of applause for all of the Superior Scribblers...and of course the modest blog author of The Writer's Porch, Carol.

Susan said...

merci ! Carol for the award. Tickled Pink I am. xo S, Missy D, Bleet, the DA and the L'il Man

Peggy said...

Carol, congrats on your award. Well deserved! :-)

Angelena said...

Thank you Carol for the award and your kind words about my blog.