Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Interview

My friend Kat at Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes was recently
interviewed by Willow of Willow Manor and we learned some interesting things about her.
Kat in turn expressed a desire to interview me..I accepted! She sent me these questions and
after careful thought...here are my answers. If you in turn would like to be interviewed by me,
please leave a comment at the end and I will send you 5 questions of my choosing.

1. Kat.........You have indicated a real affinity for the South and Southern Authors. How has this affected your own wonderful writing?
Carol.........I am truly partial to both the South and Southern Authors. Mississippi alone has produced some truly awesome Authors. William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, Shelby Foote, Larry Brown, Carolyn Haines, Melinda Haynes, Patrick Smith,Willie Morris and let's not forget John Grisham and my very favorite, Greg Iles. The South with it's laid back lifestyle, traditions that are both wonderful and in some cases atrocious and it's hard fought ability to let go and move forward provide a wealth of material for it's present day writers. My writing is greatly affected by having grown up in a time and place that was a hotbed of the Civil Rights Movement, a place whose identity was destroyed by losing the Civil War, which in my opinion only furthered the racism.I think sometimes that I and other southern writers feel the need to "right the wrongs" and it shows up in our writing. I always been told that to be a successful writer, you MUST write what you know.........I know the South.
2. Kat..........If you could invite anyone to dinner( alive or dead) who would it be and why?
Carol.........It would be Jesus without a doubt! Why? I would like nothing better than to get his opinion on several matters of interest to me? An interview of Jesus would be awesome! I'd ask questions such as; How do you think your message of love, forgiveness and compassion got so messed up by organized religion? Why is it so hard for humans to look past a persons skin color and see the person? What really does happen when our body dies...is our spirit really gone or are we still around our loved ones in a "ghost"form? If I could have a dinner party? My guest list would include along with Jesus, Mother Theresa, Harper Lee, Margaret Mitchell, Abe Lincoln, Dolly Parton, Oprah, Maya Angelou, Steve McNair( Former Titans QB) and all my blogger friends. Wouldn't we have a good time?
3. Kat............Your profile says your an NFL Fan. Have you ever been to a game? What in your opinion is the best game you've ever seen? (live or on TV)
Carol...............When the Houston Oilers became the Tennessee Titans in 1998 and moved to Nashville, I attended the first game in the new stadium. It was a pre -season game against the Atlanta Falcons. Tennessee won the game. I had never experienced such an electric atmosphere, I was hooked! I thought watching #9 Steve "AIR" McNair play the QB position was the greatest thing since indoor plumbing! A football freak was born! I lived and breathed Titans football! Now that has to be my best live game! I have been many times since but that was the best! On TV......it has to be SuperBowl 2000 when Tennessee came from behind to lose it by " 1" yard !! ONE stinking yard! I had to go to bed afterward !! However all was forgiven in September when I received a signed official Titans football for my birthday from my man, Steve McNair. I also attended his MVP party in Nashville along with Brett Favre and Allen Jackson! Be still my heart!
4. Kat.................... What is your favorite all-time film and why?"
Carol...............Gone With The Wind". Because I am Margaret Mitchell reincarnated? I wish! I really don't know why. It just makes me wish I had lived in that era and been a real Southern Belle! I loved Melanie Wilkes so much I named my only daughter that in hopes she would be just like her. She is defiantly Scarlett but my heart anyway!
5. Kat.................What is your fondest memory of your Mother?

Carol......After we moved to Nashville we returned to Mississippi every Christmas. Either my mother or my Mother-in-law would go home with us for a couple of weeks. One year my Mother went. It snowed about seven inches. Mom and my two sons Todd and Marty(7 and 3 at the time) went outside for a snowball fight. My Mom made a huge snowball and hurled it at Todd, striking his chest, knocking him down! He jumped up and said; Dang Grammaw.....I didn't know you played baseball!

And so.................the interview ends. Thank you Kat for this opportunity, I enjoyed it !

If you would like for me to interview you, leave a comment and I'll fire you off some questions!


Carol said...

My first time to up-load a picture and it gets in the wrong spot!
I'm making progress though. Don't me and Allen Jackson look like a happy couple? Truth is, I was two seconds from passing out!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I enjoyed your post and learned a little about you. A picture with Alan Jackson...are you kidding me??? ~Sigh~ he's my #1 secret boyfriend.

I'll find my Dad's address on McCloud...I thought it was McLeod..sorry. I'll tell you this tho...he did know William Faulkner when he attended Ol' Miss. He had a small oil painting painted by Faulkner's mother.

Carol said...

Hey Katherine......I was single and had his beautiful wife Denise not been the one snapping that picture....I would have faked a faint and stayed out till he gave me mouth to mouth! He is Hot ! Do you hear me? Hot!
It is McLeod....we lived in a big Gray house on the coner of McLeod and Forrest St. I believe. The house is gone now.

Reader Wil said...

I was impressed by your second answer. I would love to talk with Jesus.Thanks for your visit, and for sharing this interview. It's very brave of you!

steviewren said...

Hi Carol, thanks for visiting my blogspot today! I think I know a little about you now that I've read Kat's interview of you.

I'm a life long Alabama girl myself, so I know a little something about the South too. I think we make the best writers. Probably because we are so good at hiding all of our pain and anxiety behind our good manners. It has to come out somewhere and storytelling seems to be our way.

steviewren said...

PS, Harper Lee is still alive and lives somewhere around Monroeville, Al.

Susan said...

A tres interesting interview Carol. And ahhh yes the things that are a lurkin' just around the next corner - my life has been filled with them. The reason, we should happily stay in, and enjoy the moment that we are in for I believe that we have little control in what's lurking - just ahead (some intention no doubt) but really no control. Life is a constant surprise to me.

Here's hoping for a semi-sigh free day this Wednesday.

xo, from les Gang at 29 Black Street

Tootie said...

I just happened by and only had time to read a little. I also would have the same list of country singers as you do. Very good choices. :-)

I'll be back to read more. Best of luck with your writing.

Poetikat said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for giving such stellar answers to my questions. I enjoyed every bit of them. I think that dinner party would be awesome. I wish it could really happen.
I've never read "Gone With the Wind" (don't faint on me, girl!), but I've seen (and own the film).
You must love Carol Burnett's take off on Scarlett O'Hara (with the curtain rod?)

I'll be posting a link to your blog and this interview.

See you later!


Peggy said...

Enjoyed your interview! Your fondest memory of your mom was great. And I'm a Gone With the Wind fan, as well! It was fun getting to know you a bit. :-)