Wednesday, January 21, 2009

" Living The Good Life".........There's Hope !

Today is a new beginning for not only America, but also the world.
There is Hope.......hope for change, hope for a better life. Hope that we all have a chance to live the good life ! Just what is living the good life ? I'm sure everyone of you have a different opinion of just what living the good life is. Different opinions are what make life interesting, right ? If you don't have a job.....getting one, might make it a good life. If you have a sick child, it would be a cure for the illness.
I believe the first step to living the good life is gratitude. I have had my share of what I thought were bad times. It was in these times, I called upon hope for a better know the saying;
" this too shall pass". Pass it did, and a better day arrived! As I look back, it wasn't so bad after all. I raised three beautiful, healthy, smart children who became Awesome adults. Now that was living the good life ! For this I am so grateful.
Above you see pictures of four books from my Library....................
These are books about one couples opinion about what living the good life meant. Scott and Helen Nearing left their apartment in New York City in 1932 in search of the good life. They bought a farm in The Green Mountains of Vermont. They lived there for twenty years leaving in 1952 for another farm on the coast of Maine in Harborside. Their quest was due to "America's Back To The Land Movement" of which they are considered the Great- Grandparents . These books are incredible diaries of the day to day struggle and elation of becoming self sufficient on one's own land. A must for the Library of anyone who dreams of a self sufficient life on a farm. Scott Nearing died in 1983, three days past his 100th Birthday of a self induced starvation fast. Helen lived another 12 years, reaching the age of 91. Before her death, she preserved both their land and their lifestyle for future generations by establishing The Good Life Center which is open to the public.
Let us all embrace the Hope of a new day, a new year and Hope for a chance to pursue our own definition of what " Living The Good Life" truly means !


Raymonty said...

The year is starting off in the correction direction and I hope that everyone have a piece of the pie. Socialism is here, so we should give it a try; I am a self made man who has to change the way I think about our new form of government.

david mcmahon said...

And today marked the return of the orator as politician.

It has been so many years since the world saw a true orator.

Sweetie said...

The four books from your library sound intriguing. Living the good life means different things to different people. Too often people equate success with money and position. And - that is sad.

The W.O.W. factor said...

This is a beautiful post and I love how you spell out HOPE....
"..our own definition of what " Living The Good Life" truly means !" Well put and my hat is off to you Lady.