Sunday, August 21, 2011

" Sunday Soapbox "

Sometimes we just need to take a stand and get on our soapbox!!!!!

Then again......we may just get ourselves in a dangerous situation like my son did here!

However sometimes you need to vent just to keep yourself from blowing up!
Since I'm close to explosion, I chose to do it here............
I am truly a "live and let live" type of person. First let me say; " I am a Christian".
I was not born perfect and God knew this would be the case, so long before I was conceived, he sent his son Jesus to pay the price for my imperfection. I try my best not to judge people or their motives because I'm not responsible for their thoughts or actions and they will not ever have to answer to me for anything. I also do not live my life according to what "others" think.

" The tendency to turn human judgements into divine commands makes religion one of the most dangerous forces in the world" author: Georgia Harkness

People judging others is one of my pet peeves! Another emotion I fail to understand is jealousy.
Awhile back I was at a function with a group of authors. One of my very favorite authors made an uncalled for, hateful remark, about another of my favorite authors. I was appalled by this behavior and so disappointed in this person. This remark was just made out of pure jealousy because the writer is as good if not better than the one making the remark. I am no longer able to read this authors work because I was so turned off by this. Why can we all not be proud of others success? Why do people feel so threatened?

I know I can't save the world or change anyone but I long to see people become more compassionate and treat each other with less judgement and jealousy.

"There are 3 great days in our life, the day we are born, the day we discover why and the day we leave this journey and find out if we learned all we should have in the school of life"

My prayer is that I can be grateful for all the blessings I've received and always see my cup as half full. Treat others like I want to be treated and keep my mouth shut about other people's lives!

I believe this wall says it all...............

AND ALWAYS REMEMBER............................................
Enjoy your day everyone!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Amen, Sista!!! You said it all. People are judgmental and selfish --and as you said, jealous of others. I can feel your disappointment in the author who made that statement. Hope you told her NICELY. She needs to think about what she says about others.

We are all different --and as you said, we are not perfect. We all say and do things at times we shouldn't. But--we are forgiven, thanks be to God.


Kat said...

Well said! Some people never learn those lessons, some of us fall "off the wagon of judging others" and hopefully most of us will learn this over a lifetime. We are all God's children.

Vicki Lane said...

Dang -- hope it wasn't me.

Carol@The Writers Porch said...

Hey Betsy....she'll get her come upin's as the old folks say!XO

Amen Kat! We are all trying to get through and most of us really do try to put our best foot forward!XO

Vicki....I'm reading your new book right now and I'm truly-oooly loving it and I am so happy you allowed me to one of the first! I'd also kick butt over you my dear! XO

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Good sermon, glad I'm here. I think people judge others because of low self esteem...something they can control but make a poor choice and show the world grace is, sorely, lacking in their lives.

NitWit1 said...

When I slowly became less critical (judgemental), and developed more empathy, I found more peace.

It is a Christian teaching.

It seems the American competitive culture deters our sharing someone else's success.

I think we pattern our speech sometimes like politicians who talke like their competitors are dirt and that is a norm.

Callie said...

I would imagine that the author who said the hateful things is at heart is a disappointed, sad, hurt, and angry person. I have known people who act like this and they lash out like this author did... if they could feel better and happier about themselves they would probably reform. I wonder if the author wasn't rather horrified later remembering what was said... and it just added to their list of things they wish they hadn't done... or had happened to them.

I suppose there are people who are just mean, but there is usually a cause. I find it best not to examine my heros too closely.

P.S. Yes... it feels like Fall here... the Madrone leaves are already falling.