Friday, August 26, 2011

" Never Too Old "

Your never too old to learn something new! I learned a few new things lately I wanted to share.....
Spot Removal..... No I didn't buy this product. I found out that good ole cheap Hydrogen Peroxide will take out any stain and won't hurt the color. It will even take Red Kool-Aide out of carpet. If you have dingy whites....fill washer with hot water and a small bottle of HP and soak overnight and spin cycle them and wash as usual.

Fleas seem to be a big problem this year. I tried my usual Front Line, it didn't work, tried two other brands, didn't work. I decided out of desperation to bathe Bubba in Epsom Salts! Killed every flea on him, immediately! Who knew?

Hubby got carried away planting Cabbage this year. So after eating it and giving it away, I was left with 3 huge cabbages. I told Hubby I was going to try something new. We cut them up, and they filled up my large canner( holds 7 quart jars in rack). I cooked them down but not done, added a quart of homemade rotel tomatoes and some Cajun spice . I got 11 quarts of Creole Cabbage! We tried one the other day! Fine stuff!

So just call me Helpful Carol and Have a wonderful weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NitWit1 said...

INTERESTING post not in the usual way. All blogger shows me are the photos. But when I get ready to comment and click "Show Original Post thetext appears.

That's blogger for you....

We've had a major flea problem too. With a larger dog, my options were more expensive. But I will tell my groomer your home made solution, but hope my dog doesn't drink the wash water; I would have a major different problem.

We paid an exterminator in the spring blanket spray the yard, and carefully treat indoors. Luckie will lick anything she perceives might be food or a treat.

In July she went or her grooming and I was told she was COVERED W/fleas. I switched from Frontline Plus to a once a month tablet. THen we did our own flea treatment. I cannot stand "bombs" with my COPD/Asthma.

A friend with similar maladies had discovered RAID RUG AND CARPET TREATMENT FOR FLEAS Spray which had little odor. I personally donned a mask and blanket sprayed the entire house: carpets, vinly upsholstery, bedding, comforter on bed and even front deck.Took 4.5 cans at $7.17 a piece WM.

We left the house (all fans & AC off) for 30 minutes. Amazingly there was only a very faint odor.

Husband spread and watered in some kind of granulated mix in the backyard. I have blanket sprayed with a multipurpose spray about a third of the distance from front of house to street and not through yet. Still too hot to do much for me outdoors.

What we endure for our pets!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Morning, That's what keeps us young, Carol... We keep learning!!!!!! Right???

I had never heard of using Hydrogen Peroxide for stain removal. How neat!!!! I will remember that.

No problem with fleas here since we don't have any pets right now. But--hubby has a problem with chiggers when working outside. What is your best choice of keeping bug bites from itching? George uses vinegar--and it is okay, but doesn't seem as good now as it used to be.

Great idea for cabbage. You are just so smart.

Missy B. said...

Thanks for the tip about the Epsom Salts! I will be trying that out on my dogs~

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Helpful Carol!

We spilled red wine on our cream-colored living room rug during the winter. I Googled and found a recipe that used hydrogen peroxide and a few other household ingredients (wish I could remember what!) The wine came out completely--not even the faintest hint of where it was.

Alas, there is another stain on the rug that has defied every cleaning product we and the professionals have tried.

Cat vomit is forever!

Susie Swanson said...

Thanks for the tips. I don't have any fleas since I don't have animals..But some very good info..Susie

NCmountainwoman said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Helpful Carol!

Pat in east TN said...

Thanks for the hints. No flea problems here with Wally, but something to keep in mind, 'just in case'.

The cabbage looks and sounds yummy.

Vicki Lane said...

Some good hints here! Thanks for sharing.

NitWit1 said...

Passing through again before I break down laptops for my trip to TX and SD.

I found out when I was on Warfarin and had to do my own blood tests, Peroxide or us Pharmacists called it H2O2, was great on blood stains, even dried one. Be sure the bottle fresh.

Also Bay Leaves, again frexh bottle, kills weevils, and even stops ants in their tracks. I learned this overseas in Morocco where weevils were prolific and persistant.