Friday, April 1, 2011

" Physician Heal Thyself - Part 2 "

Hello April.......Welcome Spring! Our garden is in.....and up and I feel SO GOOD !!
If you haven't read PHT Part 1 Please scroll down and read it first ?

I am happy to report that my health is really really improved. On January 24th I went in to my primary care doctor who IS a DO, Not an MD which means she offers you alternative methods as well as pharmaceutical drugs to treat your illness. I was so sick( for the umpteenth time) that we agreed something had to change...soon! I did take the anti-biotic, plus a week of Diflucan since we felt I might have a fungal problem at work however it was clear to both of us that this was a temporary fix to treat the symptoms, not the problem which IS ALL Western Medicine does anyway!
I began an intense study of disease, diet, vitamins and supplements. Being a real southerner, my diet was full of really GOOD comfort food such as fried chicken, hot biscuits, mash taters and gravy, white rice, dumplings...........plenty of white flour,white sugar which = lots of empty carbohydrates! What upset me the most was, every book I read about eating GOOD wanted me to give up MILK and DAIRY !!! What I learned's not the dairy products, it's the STORE BOUGHT dairy products that are harmful to us!

I also learned that " You Really Are What You Eat " and you need to scrutinize EVERYTHING you put into your body. It is not that much more costly to go Organic and if you do your research, there are great brands of Organic Pasta and brown rice that taste just as good as the "white" stuff. Let's talk about the "white" stuff! White flour, white sugar, white pasta all all very bad for you. Did you know that we all have dormant Cancer cells in our body? Did you know that Cancer cells thrive on white sugar?? Did you know that most Arthritis and Osteoporosis are caused from eating white sugar?? Did you know that nearly every processed food on the grocery shelf contains white sugar in the form of "high fructose corn syrup" ?? Check your pantry! WHITE IS OUT around here! We use honey and organic maple syrup as sweeteners now, brown rice and 100% multi-grain wheat bread and Bio-Nature brand organic whole wheat pasta, organic fresh veggies until our own garden comes in and I'm buying organic chicken and pork.
We raise our own grass fed beef that we never give hormones or anti-biotics to and we eat our own free range eggs. I have learned so much about food! Did you know you should NEVER eat meat and potatoes together ?? WHY? Because your body has two different natural en zines to digest food.
One is for meat, the other is for starchy foods, either will digest veggies and fruit. When you combine meat and starch they fight each other and neither can do it's job so you end up with heartburn and indigestion. Serve meat with veggies, when you eat starches serve them with other veggies. Did you know that fruit should be eaten alone OR first ? WHY? Because fruits digest very quickly! If you eat it after a meal, it lays on top of the other food waiting to digest and putrefies! UGH!

In one of the documentaries we watched a nutritionist says a very profound thing...................

" In America we have our priorities so mixed up! We want to live in a fine house, drive a fine car and wear fine clothes yet we NEVER give a thought to the crap we put into our body, our first monetary priority should be what we spend on our nutrition"

So....I've told you that our diet is now a healthy one but we are also taking several vitamins and supplements. We are taking 4,000 units of C a day, 1,000 units of E, a Complete 50 Plus tablet and 2,000 units of Fish Oil. We are taking this Olive Leaf Extract supplement twice a day because it is proven to rid the body of accumulated toxins and helps with many diseases such as Arthritis and Sinusitis.

We are also this Kelp for it's known benefits..............

Since we both have "bad bones "we take this supplement too twice a day...........
AND.........I refuse to give up MILK so I started trying to find RAW Milk to purchase....
Except for buying our own cow and milking it, that was out! However I came across the next best thing! Milk that is pasteurized but not homogenized..................
I am addicted to this stuff !!! The best tasting milk I've ever drank!!

This is the dairy I found close to our home and I am just elated to have found it!
Their business is just snow balling because there are a lot of people looking for this kind of milk!

Have A Great Weekend Everyone! ENJOY A Healthy Meal !!!!!


Nezzy said...

Yes, the number one important thing is what we put into our bodies. I have people stop me all the time and comment on my skin. They all will ask me what I use on my face, or what kinda make up I use. I always am willin' to share but I always add..."It's not only what your put on your face but what you put inside your body."

It's so good your feelin' better and finding what works for you.

God bless and have a fantastic weekend!!! :o)

Kat said...

I sure learned a lot today! Glad you shared and happy it is working for you.

Margaret Hall said...

Hi, friend....Great, great posting on health and the ol' welfare of the body~!! Thanks for the input of the white...yes, we are not flour/gluten people here, but DO veer off onto some "no-no" foods~!! I will be here to read and learn more about what I can incorporate within my regime too! Good to hear you are on this path...and Ouch! Antibiotics and I don't mix...Hope for the best for you~!!

xinex said...

Thanks for all this helpful info, Carol. I am glad you are feeling better....Christine

Vicki Lane said...

Well, I feel pretty good now about my morning cafe au lait -- all that Jersey milk from our own cow!

So glad you're doing better, Carol!

Arkansas Patti said...

Sadly we learn about the effects of food only when our bodies are screaming from years of ignorance and abuse. By then also, our habits are formed and difficult to break. We really are what we eat.
You have made some wonderful choices and hope you continue.
Thanks, I needed the reminder.

NitWit1 said...

I somewhat agree with all you say. Mt diet and as much as possible my husband's is getting healthier bit by bit. I have switched to whole grains in everything I can shove down me or him. I frequent farmer's market.

funny about fruit. I have always eaten it between meals. Guess that is far better than as dessert!

Thanks for the info, but more appropriately thanks you are feeling much better.

I bet if you keep digging you will find somebody that will sell you raw milk.

After my heart procedure, I plan to implement futher ideas.

Anonymous said...

We're organic here, too. Glad you found a milk source. My grandson has success with the Lactose-free organic milk.

So glad it's working for you! I think Attitude has a lot to do with it and yours certainly is positive.

I_am_Tulsa said...

oh my goodness...thank you for the tips and info...I keep "forgetting" about that sugar thing! Although must admit I hardly use any sugar at all when preparing meals now. Thank you again and I hope you are having a great week!

Gaston Studio said...

Thank goodness for one of my daughters 'cuz she got me into brown rice, whole grains, etc, etc.

So glad to hear that you're doing better Carol.