Tuesday, November 19, 2013

" The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow " by Rita Leganski

After spending a couple of weeks reading some very interesting Civil War Diaries I felt the need to switch reading gears to something light and mystical. I'm not going to tell you this book was light, but it was one of the most mystical books I've ever read..................
If you've read my book reviews before you know I love Southern Gothic books and when they are set in or near New Orleans...........oh my ! This book is unworldly yet the characters are so down to earth they reel you in like family. I LOVED  THIS BOOK !!

Bonaventure was born mute two months after his father was murdered. Yes, his voice was silent but his hearing was intensely magnified, so much  he could hear what no other human ever had. The only one able to hear his silent voice was the ghost spirit of his father William who stayed earth bound to interact with his son. 
Do you ever wonder what's really out there, is magic, voodoo, hoodoo, root work really real? Where does our spirituality fit in to the great scheme of life ? Do you want to escape the real world and hang out in the other realm for awhile ? This book will answer those questions and let you escape if only for a little while to the world of a magical little soul............... watch the trailer it's awesome..........

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