Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let Me Introduce Myself

Let's face it, I read way more than the average person. I read all kinds of books. I have a way too many favorite authors. Way too many favorite books. I enjoy recommending books to everyone I meet, it does not matter to me if they read or not, I want them to! Guess you could say, I really love the written word.
So this blog will be one that not only recommends that you DO READ, It will help you find an Awesome Read !


Jessica James said...

What a great idea! (Especially since I have already bought one book that you recommended).
Will make this a must-read blog and add it to my blog list.

Carol said...

Thanks Jessica........Your blog is
a must read for me and when I figure out how to list my favorites on here, I'll add it.
I look forward to reading Shades of Gray !

Maggie said...

Carol, this is a great idea.How many books have I read that you recommended? More than my pocketbook could afford I tell you! I don't know anyone who is better at picking an Awesome Read!

Carol said...

Maggie........now I won't need to e-mail about what I've read, just post it here. Like an online book club.

GlamourousHomesDesigner said...

I am so proud of you Carol. This site is going to be great. You are such a talented and inspirational writer yourself, I hope one day you are on my favorite book list. Keep up the good work.
Much love-Melanie

Carol said...

Thank you my lovely precious only
daughter Melanie(named after GWTW).
I'm pretty proud of you too, placing 134th out of 670 in a 5k race!

Vicki Lane said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Carol!

I look forward to checking in on you!